Shuffling musical memories – I

Music has always played a role in my life.  It is one of those things that always produces memories, and sometimes you never know what you will get.  Most of the songs that I have downloaded to my computer and/or MP3 player are there for a reason, whether it be a memory or some positive vibe about the song.  Ergo, in this series, I will do the following for each entry:

1) Shuffle my MP3 player or computer’s music library.

2) Skip the first two songs.

3) On the third song, write down the song’s title and artist (if artist is unknown or something else, that will be mentioned).

4) Write a memory pertaining to that song, or if the memory isn’t particularly salient, a reason why I downloaded the song.

5) Repeat steps 2-4 for nine to fourteen times on each entry.

So, it delves into my memory, as well as my varied musical tastes.  Of course, my sense of humour that has been evident in my previous journal entries need not be missing.

OK!  Here we go!  Time to “shuffle the duffel” (thanks, Casey!)

1) “Green Onions” by Booker T.  This song has a fun beat to it, and I attempted to choreograph a dance to it at UNL when the Big Red Express played it.  I never ended up getting it perfected like some of the others that I had, though.  The fact that it is devoid of lyrics is another big plus for me.

2) “Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay.  Ah, the times in Vegas.  It was the Thursday that we were there, back on August 14, 2008.  We were at the pool in the MGM Grand, and flowing with the lazy river.  Just past a “waterfall” that hit too close to home for Mom & Dad (the office had just been flooded and there was dripping everywhere), I heard this song booming in the distance.  I could make out the word “_____ PUBLIC” without my glasses near this area, thinking it said “NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC.”  Turns out, it was instead “WET REPUBLIC,” some sort of a club.  It took me about a year before I found out the title of this song!

3) “Cipher Peon” from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.  Indeed, some of the songs on my MP3 player are tunes from video games!  This one is pretty upbeat and although repetitive within the game, is still memorable to me.

4) “Tryin’ to Tell Ya” by Eric Marienthal.  It’s an upbeat smooth jazz song.  The first time I heard it was on Pandora, while working on interminable data analysis in RUTE in the summer of 2007.  My favourite part of the song is toward the end, at about the 3:36 mark, because it’s got a different feeling than the rest of the song, and those “swaying” notes hit me for whatever reason.

5) “Can You Feel It” by King of House.  Raise your hard hat and jump around!  My tradition at Husker football and basketball games!

6) “Rock and Roll Part II” by Gary Glitter.  Yet another sports-related one!  This time, it was played by the Knights Band of DOOM before every basketball game, and this was also a jump-around type of thing for me.  I didn’t really develop a clear dance to anything from LSE, but I certainly had my cheers and signs!

7) “Rock Me Gently” by Andy Kim.  The first time that I heard this song, I don’t recall.  The most salient time, for whatever random reason, was coming home with Dad from services on his motorcycle.  As he filled up the tank at Russ’s Market, this song was playing from the gas station canopy.  I liked the song previously anyway, but this somehow inspired me to download it.  From these journals, it will clearly become obvious that my flashbulb memories are sometimes of the most mundane things!

8) “Dancing Queen” arranged by Catatonics (psyche!)  It’s from the CD “For The Longest Time” that the a-cappella group The Catatonics sang.  This is from the concert that was a double-feature with SPG, back on the Friday before classes started in 2009 at Northwestern (in particular, September 18).  I got soaked going there, for the first rain in Chicago since I had arrived!

9) “Car Crash” by Matt Nathanson.  This song was automatically installed on the GoGear VIBE that I got on New Year’s Day of 2010, the day before I returned to Evanston with plenty of trepidation about prelim exams.  That evening was one of the few times up to that point that I was visibly shaken with emotion!

10) “Poison Diamonds” by The Adventure.  It’s a techno song that I heard on WNUR during my first year, and it immediately took me back to younger days, because all of the songs by this group sound like music from old video games, which brings nostalgia to me!

11) “Friday’s Child” by Bradley Joseph.  This is from “The Weather Channel II” CD.  The day that I got the CD, I had taken a joyride from my house to SouthPointe Pavilions to use a few Barnes & Noble gift cards.  I got this CD, and the books “The Seven Sins” and “One Second After.”  Coming home, I popped in the CD while reading the latter book–a story about the USA getting struck by an EMP weapon.  This song popped up as I neared the end of Chapter 1.

12) “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier.  For once, I can’t think of a specific memory that made this song… wait, never mind!  Part of this song was used in some of the Shirettes dances that I saw back at LSE.  There’s nothing like upbeat 80’s songs to have fast dances to!

13) “Sidewayz” by Najee.  From “The Weather Channel I” CD.  There’s no specific memory associated with this one, but I like the saxophone pairing with the piano.  It’s peaceful for times when I need to work.

14) “Rock Lobster” by B52s.  It was a song that I occasionally heard and liked, but never knew the name of it.  The four-note descending scenes were the most salient part for me.  There was no particular memory that set this one apart, however.  Like I said, some of these songs are on there just because I like it, and either the memory had vanished or I didn’t encode it at all!

15) “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora.  Multiple memories of this song stick out, but I’ll start with one of the earlier ones.  I don’t have to say all of them, since this song may pop up again on a future post!  This memory is my mind in portmanteau.  Before I knew the name of this song, I seemed to be humming this song, but then getting “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” stuck in my head, at least the instrumental/”ee-yo” part.   And no, I was NOT under the influence of any interesting substances… unless the exhilaration from a Knights basketball victory did weird things to my head as I was waiting in the parking lot to leave!

That’s it for this time.  We’ll do some more shuffling next time!


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