North Shore Century

(Oops, I thought I had posted it, but the browser must have frozen in the proceedings.  Thus, this is quite late.  Oh well–I’m a (b)logger and not a newspaper writer!)

The North Shore Century was my second century ride.  However, unlike the Wrigley Field Road Tour and more like “normal” century rides, it was a loop-like course instead of a one-way ticket to the finish line (at least that’s what I’ve heard).

This time, however, I only journaled in bullet points.  I won’t rehash everything here, but want to give the props (highlights), slops (lowlights), and counter-props (since I always dig positives out of negatives.  Making sign errors are good for something!)

*PROP:  Sunrise woke me up at 6:30, which is always a good way to start a day for a ride.

*SLOP: I forgot to take my camera battery out of the charger.

–>COUNTER-PROP: It made it so that I would be less vulnerable to dangerous cycling.

*SLOP: It was intermittently raining.

–>COUNTER-PROP 1: It was intermittently raining.

–>COUNTER-PROP 2: The temperature was beautiful.

*PROP: We took Everett and St. Mary’s, both roads which I have travelled before (i.e. August 20) and I got to recall my experience to Neil.

*SLOP: There was only a single KYBO at Viking Park, and my bladder was on the verge of explosion.

–>COUNTER-PROP: It didn’t explode.

*PROP: Passed a sign that said “21st Street,” which obviously had me shouting, loudly and enthusiastically, “!רחוב עשרים ואחת”

*PROP: The food at the rest stops (particularly the baked goods) was very re-energizing!

*PROP: A small group meant there were no stops in the road to wait for teammates.  At worst, we re-connected at the rest stops.

*PROP: The route was quite scenic.  I even appreciate empty fields!   That is scenery as well!

*PROP: The hills were generous, and made for some extra challenge.  Bring it on!

*SLOP: A biker near us crashed near the 59-mile marker.

–>COUNTER-PROP: He ended up being OK, I think.

*SLOP: Missed one of the turns in Waukegan (or was it Zion)?  Neil and I bypassed 9th Street, continuing down Sheridan.

–>COUNTER-PROP 1: The ride is officially a Weiss Vacation! (TM)

–>COUNTER-PROP 2: We caught up with the route at 33rd Street.

–>COUNTER-PROP 3: There was an intersection, 33rd and Holdridge, that I wouldn’t have seen if we had followed the route.  “Harden” Hall was nowhere to be found, though!  (Lincolnites would get this double-pun.)

*PROP: There was no knee or leg pain for me, other than the natural aches of going a long distance.

*SLOP: In a Waukegan neighbourhood, a soccer ball was thrown my way, and the kids nearby seemed to be laughing as if they did it on purpose.

–>COUNTER-PROP: It missed.

*SLOP: The rain picked up significantly once we got into familiar territory.

–>COUNTER-PROP 1: We’re in familiar territory at Great Lakes!  We’re close to finishing!

–>COUNTER-PROP 2: There’s no lightning.

–>COUNTER-PROP 3: The wind isn’t aggressively opposing us.

–>COUNTER-PROP 4: It’s better than heat!

*PROP: Hit my 100th mile on the day on Sheridan, just a little south of the synagogue at the tip of Cook County

*PROP: Finished the day with 110 miles.

*SLOP: The ceremoniousness of the finish line had dissipated long ago when we arrived around 17:00h

–>COUNTER-PROP 1: There was still ice cream and other food

–>COUNTER-PROP 2: The finish line was the finish line!

–>COUNTER-PROP 3: I got a certificate showing that I did the ride!


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