Quick update on upcoming posts

My original idea to have weekly posts seems to have become an overambitious ambition.  Still, as long as I am posting somewhat regularly, I figure that I should have some update posts as to what is on the horizon.   The last few weeks have been getting back into the “old routine” of my second year of graduate school, when I balanced classes, TA work, research, and life.  I have a lot I can discuss, but it’s one of these times where I prefer to think about what I write before I write it.

Some new and old topics that I will probably touch on in the near future may include, but are not limited, to the following:

* Part three of “The man with nine lives” once I have been medically cleared and all of the insurance stuff is covered.  This one is a guarantee when the timing is right.

* A post or posts about road trips, and other types of travel, and what it means to me.

* Continuations of my music shuffle series.

* My thoughts on TA’ing.

* A chronology of my sports fandom.

* “Retro” posts that reproduce old journals.

* An eight-second story.  (I’ll expound on this if I decide to write one of these sorts of posts).

Of course, these are just some ideas.  My readers, if you have any other suggestions for things I might want to post about, please let me know in the comments… or if you have any other ideas!


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