(MAPLE XIV) Musical Monday/Shuffle XI

Let’s see what comes up on the shuffle today. New rule: since my music library has about 600 songs and I have done this exercise for 120 songs, I am allowing skips over songs that I have mentioned previously, unless there is more or new significance or another story involved.  If I do skip over a song, I will mention anyway that it came up.  Transparency is a good thing.

1) Aqualung by Jethro Tull.  This was the first Jethro Tull song that I heard, and I like the story going along with the lyrics, although like usual, the the background music is what makes me enjoy the song.  The chord progression makes it tell a story, and I feel connected to it.  Thankfully, not through personal experience!

2) Words by Missing Persons.  Like a lot of one-hit wonders, this one had a few things that I really like.  The squeaks that they put after a few of the words amuse me greatly.  For some reason, as well, the verse “I think I’ll dye my hair blue” intrigued me.  Maybe because it seems completely non-sequitur?

3) I Can’t Go For That by Hall & Oates.  This was a staple on the 80’s at 8 on both B107.3 and Star 104.5 during my junior year of high school.  In particular, there were two separate evenings that I was at Southeast for AP exam review in U.S. history, and after the review session, this song came up during my car ride back home.

4) Once In A Red Moon by Secret Garden.  This is an instrumental, peaceful song, like one that might play in a movie.  I discovered this song on Pandora after discovering another Secret Garden song from WNUR.  The Celtic-like roots to this song are quite meaningful, and I like the contrast between the adagio/andante introduction and the allegretto part that occurs at about the three-minute mark of the song.

5) A Whole New World from “Aladdin.”  This obviously brings home memories of that movie, but it is quite ironic that it is immediately followed by Aladdin getting captured and thrown into the moat.  Yet, whenever I hear this song, you would never immediately sense danger or being captured… although Princess Jasmine does say, “Every turn a surprise.”  Interesting…

6) Rusty Bucket Bay from Banjo-Kazooie.  This is one of the hardest levels in the game, but the music is quite amusing to me, as it has a sailor’s feel to it.  Furthermore, there are whistles of steamers, whistles that sound like a captain’s whistle, and my favorite, “OOOOOGAH!”  The whimsical nature of some types of video-game music are great for certain times.

7) Exaltation by James Swearingen.  This one I actually never played in band class, but found on the Internet.  Like other James Swearingen songs, I like the majestic entry, especially the staccato-repeated notes.  And then it goes to a stately slow part, for good contrast.  The musical part around 2:30 of the version I have has other Swearingen elements in it.  Furthermore, this song was stuck in my head during winter break of my sophomore year in undergrad, especially around the date December 20, 2006.

8) צדיק כתמר [Tzadik Katamar] arr. by מרדכי לוין [Mordecai Levin]: Strangely, it is not the ניגון (tune) that I am used to, but I like it.  The first few notes actually remind me more of עלינו גדול (the Aleinu that we sing during the High Holiday services), such that I almost feel a need to bow, prostrated, at this point.

9) So Good by Stroke 9.  This was one of the songs that was pre-installed on my previous MP3 player (the GoGear VIBE).  I figured that I would keep those songs on my library, even though I had never heard any of them before.  This song came up memorably on the first time that I took the Green Bay Trail, as I got to the continuous part of the trail at the very north end of Kenilworth.

10) 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins.  The instrumental effects (e.g. at the 43-second mark) are my favorite part of this song, and I never really bothered to learn the lyrics.  This song was one of many that reminds me of the double-tournament weekend in December of 2009, particularly because this song came up on my MP3 player during that trip.  In particular, it appeared on Interstate 435.

11) Fanfare For The Common Man by ????.  This is one particular patriotic song that I really like, as I seem to be a fan of fanfares (pun intended).  Yet, I rarely hear it on the 4th of July, and it would be much preferable to newer overplayed songs on that day (coughproudtobeanamericancough).  The arrangement that I have on MP3 also has attention-arousing drum beats.

12) יוצר arr. by מרדכי לוין.  This is simply the verse ברוך אתה ה׳ אלוקינו מלך העולם יוצר אור ובורא חושח עושה שלום ובורא את הכל from the morning service, set to a previously-unfamiliar tune to me.  Indeed, a lot of the tunes on this CD (Shabbat at Beth El Synagogue) are unfamiliar, but that makes them interesting.  Perhaps at some time, I can incorporate them when I daven!

13) Facts of Love by Climie-Fisher.  I heard this song several times in my early use of Pandora Radio, and really enjoyed the tune of it, particularly the chorus.  It sounded very familiar to me, or at least the style of tune.  However, it turns out that I probably had never heard it before.  Indeed, I have never heard it on the radio.

14) Der Kommissar by After The Fire.  Yet another 80’s one-hit wonder appears on my queue.  Given that many of my musical preferences from when I started listening to the radio again were 80’s songs, many of these stand out.  This song doesn’t have a particular feature that stands out, but it happened to pop into my head one day, which is sufficient most of the time to put it on my queue for downloading.

15) I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters.  I can’t recall the first time I heard this song or a particular time that this song was salient, but it is upbeat, and as implied previously in this post, the repeated notes “I know” tend to be something that I like.  A characteristic of the spectrum is liking repetition!  The short instrumental interlude is great, and it’s just a great thing to listen to.  After all, I must always be excited for something–life is exciting!

End post!

Today’s counts and nugget:

Today is Day 14 of MAPLE.

היום שבעה ושלושים יום, שהם חמישה ושנים ימים לעמר

Searching for something to say.


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