(MAPLE XVIII) 2:52 Sipped coffee.

WHOA!  Stop the presses!  Noah drinks coffee now?


Instead, this was inspired by today’s Pearls Before Swine (link opens in a new window or tab, depending on your settings), which is one of my favorite comic strips.  Rat writes my topic in a journal: “2:52 Sipped coffee.”  Then, Goat thinks that Rat is being arrogant to assume that others will want to chronicle his life some day through his recording of his every action.  The response was a new line in the journal: “2:53 Silenced doubters” with Goat being thrown in the trash can.

My journal has never been THAT meticulous on the time since I rarely journal “on the spot,” but rather save it for that night (or sometimes even the next day or beyond, if I get busy or somehow forget about it).  Plus, my lines are frequently more full of detail. Plus, I’m not one of those people who becomes violent when I disagree with someone.

However, at the same point, I tend to like recording my actions (that is a DUH moment!).  Maybe not every single one, but my journals have consistently described more about my actions than my thoughts.  Things have changed in the last few years as I have added thoughts and details, but it is still mostly actions, and occasionally opinions of those actions.  I am not so haughty to think that my chronicles will be published by someone else, but I do enjoy occasionally publishing bits and pieces of my chronicles through my blog or through Facebook updates.

However, based off the “every action” and bullet points, it actually is possible to re-construct a story in paragraphs.  I have done that several times before, especially on days of “sensory overload,” for example, on my Las Vegas or Israel trips, where my “journaling” during the day was basically a bunch of bullet points to jog my memory for when I actually wrote the paragraphs.  I am also planning on June 1 to re-construct a memory from my notes.  So it will be 32 days in a row of blogging!

Another thing that was sort of interesting for me was the time that was quoted as “2:52.”  Although it is probably referring to 2:52pm, there is ambiguity in it, as there are definitely some people who might pull all-nighters and sip coffee at 2:52am.  I have alleviated this ambiguity in my writing and on my watch by always setting them, when possible, to 24-hour time.

Interestingly enough, the first few times that I remember seeing 24-hour time were (1) in Bryan Memorial Hospital (before the merger) in fifth grade when we were vigilant of Papa as he suffered a heart attack and (2) from the time-telling rocks from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  (It was funny to strike them as they said, for example: “BOING BOING!  The current time is 15:13.”)  Ever since then, I have set my watch to 24-hour time.  Some early days of me sticking to that time occasionally got me confused, though.

I have a lot of work to do today, but specific times are another thing that is interesting to me.  This is another potential blog topic in a future post!  Keep the idea mill turning, and you never know what idea might come up that is fun to expand upon.

Today’s counts and nugget:

Today is the 18th day of MAPLE.

היום אחד וארבעים יום, שהם חמישה שבועת ושישה ימים לעמר

There are times that you must create your own motivation.

Yesterday’s Score was 6-73 (yikes!)


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