(MAPLE XXV) Disorder

Today’s MAPLE will be a Freewrite with the seed “disorder.”  OK… start the clock!

What exactly is “disorder?”  It has several different meanings, and I will explore at least one of them and see where it takes me in fifteen minutes.  The meaning that came to my mind was “mess” or “disarray.”  In particular, this is a PERFECT word to describe my desk areas in both my apartment AND my office.  Despite the fact that I am pretty organized when it comes to actually arranging and coordinating my tasks, I let my room and desk area be organized (sometimes disorganized!) chaos.  The way I see it: if you’re organized in one area, it gives you leeway to be a disaster in another area.

It also reminds me of the first time I heard about the penalty of “disorderly house” and didn’t realize it was referring to a party that goes haywire, rather than keeping clutter all around the house.  I suppose that the fire marshal could declare a disordered area to be unsafe, but is that part of law enforcement’s jurisdiction?  I think not.  People should have some liberty as to how messy they keep their place.  For me, being a little messy is part of my personality!  If it’s the most deviant thing I do, I am still very non-deviant.

Of course, one could say that “disorder” is a definition of my mental state.  Yet, I think that “disorder” when referring to a mental condition has a very negative connotation.  Is there some particular “order” to peoples’ minds who don’t have autism, schizophrenia, or other mental irregularities and quirks?  Everyone’s mind is different, and I don’t think there’s a specific “order” to be prescribed there.  (Yet, at the same time, one of the definitions in the dictionary of “disorder” is irregularity, so I just refuted this whole paragraph.  But, I’m not allowed to use the backspace!)

Speaking of irregularities, that reminds me of bridge.  Even experts will inadvertently commit irregularities at times, whether revoking (i.e. failing to follow suit when holding a card in the led suit), leading out of turn, or making an insufficient bid, among other things that can go wrong.  The lesson here: even if you are an expert in something, it does not preclude things from going wrong.  Always know that we are all human, and therefore mistakes happen.

What else can I say about disorder?  Well, I think that my freewrite posts are actually a perfect idea of disorder.  Forcing a stream of consciousness can make it seem like rambling, loooooooong sentences (curses to William Faulkner!), and perhaps a little bit unintelligent.  But at the same time, conversations that I have with people tend to drift far away from the original topic, depending on the situation.  It is always fun at some point of a conversation to say, “Where did this conversation start from?”  The difficulty with free-writing is that since it’s not a dialogue, the changes in topic are subject to wherever my mind wanders, whether that is in a linear fashion or in some sort of Levy flight.  Or maybe it’s Brownian motion?

Although another thing about “disorder” that I like is “OUT OF ORDER.”  It always seemed to amuse me to see the various signs to indicate that something isn’t working.  For example, the pinball machines in the basement in my Lincoln home have been out of order for years, and when we put them out from storage, I put up posters that said “TILT” on them as an “OUT OF ORDER” analogue.  Other funny ones include when the word “BUSTED” is used, or “BROKEN,” or “DOESN’T WORK.”  One time that an “OUT OF ORDER” should have been replaced with “BUSTED” was when I was in Vegas at the MGM Grand, and one of the elevators had failed.  The numerical display read “–” but it should have read “BUSTED” or even better, “23.”  The broken elevator was an express from 1 to 24-top, and of course, 23 is a bust in blackjack!  Would I have been the only one to appreciate that?

I guess I shouldn’t laugh at things that are broken, though, but for some reason, I get a kick out of various kinds of signage.  This is evident from a young age, when I was fascinated…

Out of time.  Try and do better next time!

Today’s counts and nugget:

Today is the 25th day of MAPLE.

היום שמונה וארבעים יום, שהם שישה שבועות ושישה ימים לעמר

Postcards and hand-written letters are a lost art.  But it’s more personal and meaningful than a Facebook wall post.


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