(MAPLE XXXI) To be continued…

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  I have successfully completed the MAPLE challenge.  Thirty-one posts, with something different daily.  I took away several messages from MAPLE:

* People seem to really like human interest stories.  My most-read post was Drawn Together which is certainly of human interest.

* Writing each morning, and sometimes setting the timer to post for later, was a good routine for me to get into.  It also encouraged me, at the same time, not to fall behind on my pen-and-paper journaling.  It is much like what I did after returning from Israel.

* Several of the posts were responses to articles that I had read in the Chicago Tribune or other papers, and you never know when an article will strike you and strongly encourage a response.

* At the same time, a blog post need not always be planned.  The freewrites are sometimes a lot of fun to do, even though they are generally very disorganized, by almost definition.  Spontaneity is an underrated aspect of creativity and virtue.

* My methods of analyzing articles and situations are significantly different from others’.  That is fine–for every to there is a fro, and that’s what makes the world go ’round!

* It gave me an appreciation for journalists who have to come up with stories every day.  Clearly, I am not a journalist by trade, but being a blogger allows me some perspective on what they are like.

So, what is the title talking about?  Whenever I write a full journal, the end of each day has the phrase “>> TO BE CONTINUED…” after the final paragraph of the day, along the RIGHT margin of the page.  Although this is usually just seen on TV for multi-part episodes, I figure that when I do a full journal, it is often over multiple days, and if I were to post the journal directly to my blog, for example, it would drive the point home.

Plus, since my journal is an ongoing thing, and the full journals compose a story with time jumps, I feel justified in using the cliffhanger phrase.  Additionally, when I close the writing in one of my notebooks, I use the phrase as well.

Therefore, just as in my full journals, I bring MAPLE to a close with the infamous phrase as my Nugget of the Day.

Today is the 31st day of MAPLE.  This brings a successful close to the challenge!



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