Like 8 years ago…

I haven’t given up on the blog!  It’s been a little busy with grading and exams and research re-catch-up lately, as well as tournaments and bike rides.  I’ll have to see if after this post, I can keep up at least a weekly post.  Certainly it will be a while before another “monthly” challenge, though.

Like 8 years ago?  What do I mean by that?  It’s a perspective on the start of my “summer break” thus far.  After I finished my 11th grade year (wow–so hard to believe that was 8 years ago!), despite going to some friends’ graduation parties, and finishing the school year, the cool weather in June made it not hit me that the school year had ended.  Additionally, the anticipation of my senior year made the early part of the summer drag on, at least until mid-late July with the Dragon [hmm… pun from earlier in this  sentence intended!] Boat and RAGBRAI long weekend in Fort Dodge.  I think another thing about that was that I had to do summer reading assignments, which was the first time that I had coursework over the summer.  For other reasons that I can’t put my finger on, that summer did not feel like my “typical” summer from previous years.

This summer, not only am I doing research, but will need to soon start studying in order to prepare for my qualifying exams.  Furthermore, since I’ve been in Evanston, I have found it hard to find time to do “summery” activities that I used to do, such as swimming (more like playing basketball in the water) or golf (my clubs are not in Evanston).  Cycling has definitely replaced those, though, and other activities that I didn’t do often in Lincoln, such as outdoor concerts or al-fresco dining, are options.  It’s a challenge to me–attempt to organize social contact with some of my friends.

The gist of this is that regardless of how your life progresses and no matter how busy you get, always take some time to enjoy the seasonal aspects of life.  Each season holds something that none of the other seasons do, and that uniqueness may be different for each person.  Make it your own!


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