Hah… probably thought I was going to say “triskaidekaphobia,” which is fear of the number 13.   Even though I am probably misusing “philia” at the end of this potentially-coined word, I find “13” to be a lucky or at least non-unlucky number.  I might as well give thirteen reasons why!  These are in no particular order.

1) Thirteen was the age at which I became a בר מזוה (bar mitzvah).  A significant event in my life, indeed!

2) Thirteen is the seventh Fibonacci number, and for a lot of people, that implication would change “13” from an unlucky number to a very lucky number!  I guess I could go on about that on another post.

(Corollary: Not #3: And then “21” is the eighth Fibonacci number–no other explanation required since it has probably become clear that “21” has become part of my identity!)

3) Thirteen is a prime number, which always makes a number mathematically interesting.

4) Thirteen is spelled with eight letters, so that maybe its English spelling is lucky to the Chinese!

5) In Lincoln, I had plenty of fun things happen on 13th Street, including League at Gauntlet Games and excursions to the Children’s Museum back when it used to be in the Miller & Paine building.  Memories of childhood…

6) When Friday is on the 13th, that means that the first day of the month was on the first day of the week, at least by most calendars that I see. (i.e. Sunday).

7) In Jewish leap years, we get 13 months instead of 12.  That’s pretty neat, and it makes for even more year to enjoy!

8) Next year is ’13, and since there’s NOT going to be apocalypse on December 21 of this year, I instead think that next year might be a year of prosperity.

9) Thirteen is the first of the “teen” series, and that goes back to the “whimsical theorem” of number theory that every positive integer is interesting.  (The proof is also by my favorite technique: contradiction!)

10) In Celsius, 13 degrees corresponds to about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and I know that Molly likes the number 55.  So maybe sometimes you can get out of triskaidekaphobia by not thinking of the number 13, but append a unit to it and then convert!  (Or, that could work in reverse if you’re not careful 🙂 )

11) If you can spell “thirteen,” you could earn 61 points.

12) Thirteen are the years that most people are in primary and secondary school: kindergarten through twelfth grade.  It’s foundational!

13) .שלשה עשר אני יודע. שלשה עשר מדיא [I know thirteen!  There are 13 [Divine] attributes. ] (Starts singing the rest, but fails to do it in one breath.)


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