(O.C.T.O.B.E.R. I) A different drummer

Welcome to October!  Or, should I say O.C.T.O.B.E.R.! What does that stand for?








Yes indeed.  Just like what I did in May, I will do a daily blogging challenge during this month.  This may become more difficult than in May, as I have more activities going on, but on the flip side, this may make it easier to prevent blogger’s block!

Starting a blogging challenge in non-April/August begs more explanation.  Prior to this year, when I was not in the blogosphere, I didn’t pay much attention to happenings in blogs–basically only read blogs that were mentioned from my Facebook friends when they posted about said blogs.  But, this year, I noticed a few of my friends that have …

This just in. A turkey is running amok on Capitol Parkway in Lincoln!  I just heard this while blogging, so thought that would be funny to add.  (We now return to the regularly scheduled blog.)

… done daily blogging challenges on BlogSpot, namely “BEDA” (Blog Every Day April/August).  Three Aprils/Augusts have passed since I joined the blogosphere.  The first August, I was just getting into the idea of blogging, although since I posted logs of my Birthright trip and had a few other posts, I did a (14/31)-BEDA without being aware of it.  I found out about BEDA a few days into April, which encouraged me to try it for May instead, but obviously needing a new name.

Then, although I “could” have done BEDA this August, since I took my quals in the middle of the month, that was enough pressure to discourage me from doing it.  Furthermore, I always seem to dance to the beat of a different drummer… or drum to the steps of a different dance.  Thus, I brainstormed ideas for another month and blog challenge, and came up with October, and naming it the month!  My mind sometimes works like that!

Plus, I definitely stray from conventional in other ways too.  For example, in Pokemon TCG tournaments, I intentionally play decks that might be Tier-3 or worse, but are completely unexpected and may give a psychological advantage.  At sporting events, I am notorious for my dancing style to the band, and the important part of that is that I enjoy it.  You can’t let possibly negative perception from others detract you from what you like!

Also, despite being in the digital age, there is something rewarding about keeping a calendar and a journal using pen and paper.  Though it is fun to blog, there is a quality about hand-written documents that typing cannot replace.  Yet, I compromise by transcribing the journals to the computer.

Well, I better sign off now.  Just like with MAPLE, I have to set a time limit, as this is a hobby I am attempting, not a career.  See you tomorrow!

Today is the first day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. (Too bad there’s no עמר count this month 🙂 )


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