(OCTOBER II) Eureka!

This post does NOT involve me running excitedly in the nude through the town after having an idea surface while taking a bath.  Sorry to disappoint you!

Research can be a difficult thing.  Sometimes, when doing either your own research or trying to figure out others’ results, you might get stuck in the same rut for some significant amount of time.  That certainly has happened several times to me, but today, I finally think I made some progress on figuring out what is going on.  When verifying papers, sometimes some reverse-engineering is necessary, as well as looking at the problem from multiple views.

Inspiration is a very interesting thing.  Sometimes, it will come easily, but at other times, you really have to bang your head against the wall, look at something a thousand times, or allow it to incubate over a long period of time.  Once that allows you out of one rut, it seems to be a big help, even if it immediately leads to another rut.  The important thing, as what I said in a Facebook post a few days ago, and also a quote that I immortalized back in 2005, respectively:


“When you have a positive attitude, you always have a chance of winning.  Once you turn negative, you’ve automatically lost.”  <Topic change!>

The former, the Facebook status, was not referring to the research difficulty I was in, but rather the heart of the Cornhuskers as they came back to defeat the Badgers in football.  Because I am not part of the Twitter-verse, I did not append a “#HUSKERS” error message.  (Error message?  Indeed!  I associate pound signs more with Excel error messages than Twitter hashtags.)

This was a pretty brief post, but I figure that there is merit in both terse posts and long, running posts.

Today is the 2nd day of OCTOBER.


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