(OCTOBER V) Fridays and airwaves

For quite some time, Fridays I have associated with various radio shows, as I still like to listen to the radio.  Granted, it is via online streaming, because the only radio station I can get at my place via an actual radio is WNUR, to which I am not complaining.

It all started in my fifth grade year, when 102.7 KFRX (Lincoln)* did a Karaoke Friday at the studio on select Friday mornings.  The first time I heard it was on the Friday of the October storm in 1997 (i.e. October 31).  The next week, Mom took us to the studio that was then on 70th/Van Dorn, I wanted to sing “Fly” by Sugar Ray on the radio, and my siblings had other ideas too.  For whatever reason that I cannot recall, our requests were not honored, and we instead had the (dubious?) distinction of doing karaoke to “Happy Birthday” for one of the KFRX DJs whose birthday was that day (This was on November 7, 1997.  Interestingly, one day before the “Nice catch” in Columbia).  The breakfast that Mom took us to at Big Apple Bagels, which was then in the Williamsburg shopping center, was not enough to mask our disappointment.

Although I have few memories of radio programs during my middle school years, once I got into high school and started listening to the radio again, my taste of music had started to become that of 80’s, in addition to lyrics-free music that I have liked throughout my life (e.g. jazz, concert band, and classical music).  One Friday night, I listened to Star 104.5 (KSRZ Omaha*) and heard nothing but 80’s music, on a program called the “Ultimate 80’s Request Party.”  Naturally, I got excited about this, and once I started listening to it more regularly, wanted to make requests for it.

This was before I had my own cell phone, and even though the call was free on Dad’s cell phone (StarTAC–remember that?), he wouldn’t let me call until after 21:00, in order to have the “nights and weekends free of minute usage.”  Go figure 🙂  Even though I had that delay, my requests were often honored, since the show ran until midnight.  Yes, I was willing to stay up later on Friday nights in order to hear my song!

As the show continued, and once I got my own cell phone in my senior year of high school, I called in each week to request a different song.  Most of the time the song got played, but there were times when it didn’t happen.  As one of my favorite songs was “Rosanna” by Toto, that was a common call, but it seemed that whenever I would request it, I would never get to hear it, as it either got played when my radio fuzzed out, or something else bad happened (example: I requested it just before my car died in front of the Qwest Center for NCAA volleyball in the winter of 2005).  The DJs also, after a few weeks of my requests, didn’t have to ask for my name when I called, as my voice was evidently distinctive enough.  They probably appreciate the regular callers!

The Request Party started to diminish as I continued in college, and eventually it was replaced on Friday nights by the Delilah show… boo!  I guess that was just a thing to let me try and find another radio influence on Fridays.  I should also mention that on B107.3 (KBBK Lincoln*), the “Battle of the Sexes” on Fridays has the “Famous Name Friday” question, where the contestants have to name a person, real or fake, dead or alive, with a certain name.  (Example: today’s name was “Dennis,” and my guess was “Dennis the Menace” as I played along).

Then, another Friday radio show came up for me in the last year.  After returning from Israel on my Birthright trip, I awakened a hankering for Hebrew and Israeli songs.  In the weeks following my return, I scoured the Web for online broadcasts of said stations, and found my favorites as גלגלצ (Galgalatz), רדיו לב המדינה  (Radio Lev Hamedina), and קול ישראל רשת גימל (Kol Israel Station Gimmel).  The formermost, however, also plays English music from various decades.  The middle, though, is my favorite.  On Fridays from 22:00-23:59 Israel time (corresponding to either 14:00-16:00 or 15:00-17:00 Chicago time; currently the latter until the US goes back to standard time), the program is המסיבה (literally “The Party”), two hours of continuous Israeli dance/club/party music.  It is great on afternoons to get into the groove of the weekend, and also is fun to listen to if I grade on Friday afternoons.

I hope that this continues my enjoyment of radio on Fridays, but we will see.  What will be next?

Today is the fifth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.

*Afraid I did not hit the top of an hour when writing this.  I assume that it is still FCC regulation that stations must give their call letters and city on or near the top of the hour.


8 thoughts on “(OCTOBER V) Fridays and airwaves

  1. It’s still FCC regulation. I still to this day remember the call letters to the University of Iowa’s radio station that I recited every hour that I was on the air in Iowa City: KRUI-FM, 89.7 Iowa City/Coralville. 😀

    Formerly “DJ Wolf” in Iowa City,


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