(OCTOBER VII) Indefatigable!

INDEFATIGABLE.  Adjective (of a person or their efforts) Persisting tirelessly; untiring.

This word sometimes seems to be my middle name, despite the fact that it doesn’t start with the letter “A.”  Certainly, it has described my weekend quite well.  Yesterday, as I said in my very short blog post, I watched two football games on TV at different venues, and prepared my decks for today’s League session.  Today had nonstop activity, because not only did I do League, but also had the travel to and from there… which approximated doing the marathon, twice!

Which is actually a very good segue into why I wrote this post as is today!  For the first time, I decided to watch part of the Chicago Marathon.  While biking to League, I found a good place downtown to watch at Division & Clark.  My main goal was to see and cheer on Greg [last name withheld], who was in my compu-training sessions when we were training for the Wrigley Field Road Tour last summer.  After riding 100 miles, it inspired him to train for the Chicago Marathon, and he did it also with Team To End AIDS.   I don’t consider myself to be a runner, but then again, neither did he before the beginning of training.

The sidelines were cacaphonies of thunder sticks, cheering, cowbells, and other noisemakers.  It was a steady stream of runners, and at this point, we were at the 11-mile mark of the course.  I had timed my entry to be there approximately when Greg said he would arrive, and my mission of seeing him and cheering him on was accomplished!  It was fun to see some of the other runners too, and they all looked to be doing well, even eleven miles into the run.  From a cyclist’s perspective, I think that running a marathon is much more difficult than riding a century, but probably some pure runners would think the exact opposite.  Regardless, such an endurance challenge requires an indefatigable spirit, whether it be a marathon, century, or (gasp) Ironman.

I wonder if there is more “mystique” to the average person for those running a marathon as opposed to those riding a century.  Although there were some people cheering on the riders for the Wrigley Field Road Tour, there were some empty stretches that were just the riders and their minds.  Granted, it’s harder to spread out people to cheer when the distance is 100 miles and going through the middle of nowhere!

Today is the seventh day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes one week.


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