I was in Omaha today with my family for cousin Sam’s בר מצוה (bar mitzvah). The services went well, and we had planned to hang out in Omaha, including clothes shopping or a movie. We went to Aunt Pam’s place to change out of synagogue clothes, and readied to leave.

Unfortunately, we started the car and warning lights filled the dashboard and console. The bad thing is that shot down our plans to independently go out, but luckily Molly was going to bring the van later as a bailout.

After the car was towed, the ladies went off to go for pedicures, and I went with Dad and Uncle Bruce to Jimmy’s place for a delivery and look around. I enjoyed this, but as my readers probably know by now, I find the silver lining in anything. (P.S. to Uncle Bruce, I will not fail to put you in the handwritten journal.)

When Plan A fails, it is important to either have a Plan B, or have the ability to improvise.

Today is the thirteenth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. That makes one week and six days.


2 thoughts on “(OCTOBER XIII) Plan B

  1. At least your family had a plan B ready. I can’t say the same for the end of our trip to Indianapolis back in June/July! Haha.



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