(OCTOBER XVI) Not this time

It is a good thing about “not this time.” Today, I rode my road bike to the office while the Dahon was at Ten-27 Cycles for maintenance. This could have been a very bad portent, given two previous Tuesdays that I biked with the Trek while the Dahon was in the shop. These were:

1) November 22 of last year. This was the day of the crash. Enough said.

2) March 20 of this year. My Trek was stolen out of the Tech parking lot.

However, I will claim factors that differentiate today from the aforementioned debacular days. My bike and body were unscathed today…

1) The Dahon was voluntarily taken to the shop. The previous two times were when the Dahon was unusable.

2) I was not going to League, but instead to אולפן (ulpan: Hebrew class).

However, it was not a day free of disaster. As I left Tech for dinner at around 17:00, I noticed that the road was blocked by emergency vehicles at Sheridan and Foster. Someone had been hit by a car while riding, and the windshield of the car was spiderwebbed, though not as badly as during my crash. The victim was allegedly conscious, so that is a good thing.

I just hope it wasn’t a transfer of some sort of curse…

Today is the sixteenth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. That makes two weeks and two days.


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