(OCTOBER XVII) Defeat of defeet

Puns are fun. 🙂

However, this is definitely a pun, as my feet were NOT defeated today by any manner.  Instead, the feet provided quite a feat.  I walked to the office!  The Dahon is still under maintenance, and since I did not have to leave campus today, I played it safe, for fear of what I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

The ability to move with your feet, however, is something that should never be taken for granted.  I know some people that have lost use of their feet for movement, whether through injury, illness, or other manners.  Some people, after suffering traumatic injuries, have to relearn how to walk, and honestly that is something that I would have a hard time doing.  It is hard enough to try and understand mechanics of stuff like dance and athletics, where knowing how to shift your weight is often important.

Furthermore, I think that learning how to walk is one of those skills that has a critical period, a la learning a language.  However, with walking and procedural memory, it has a forgetting curve that is linear with slope of almost zero, as opposed to the exponential decay of facts such as language (thanks, Ebbinghaus).  But, this is probably assuming a normal brain.  A brain that has been traumatically damaged… well, doesn’t function as well.  Also, if a limb is severed, I assume that the brain does not normally know how to work a prosthesis.  It’s interesting to think about, for certain.

However, on a lighter note, I think it is good to walk to the office, even though I prefer riding.  The difference in time is about eight minutes, but that gives me eight extra minutes outside while in motion.  Even if it is not strenuous exercise, I feel that people should attempt to get outside every day.  There is something to be said about breathing in fresh air.  (Of course, in some cities it might be safer to stay inside due to heavy smog!)

Furthermore, there will be days where I cannot bike.  Perhaps the bike is under maintenance as it was today, or perhaps there is heavy snow or ice.  I won’t not bike due to cold, but I don’t want to crash on bad roads!

And, to conclude this post, remember that deduct goes over defense with detail before defeat.

Today is the seventeenth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes two weeks and three days.


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