(OCTOBER XXII) Attribution

Today seemed to be a prime example of attribution from psychology. It started at breakfast when we went to Clarke’s, as we had a great experience there the last time we went as a partial family. However, today the customer service was frankly appalling, as it seemed that most of the staff were novices. An order was misunderstood, and the manager had to intervene.

Dad would probably now recommend against the Evanston Clarke’s, but I realize that the very novice staff led to a perfect storm of mishaps. Fundamental attribution error: the employees are probably capable, but need further seasoning.

Later in the day, we tried to buy a frying pan at Macy’s, and the person who rung up the order was also a new employee who was out of place answering a cookware question as the employee worked in the men’s clothing section. Difficulties happened with the register, and Dad wanted to “cut losses” and cancel the transaction.

Though I am temporarily left with an ineffective frying pan, this situation was a blessing in disguise. I would have had to carry a heavy pan around for a while longer on the day, and escaping the situation also prevented the fuse from burning down to the gunpowder.

Today is the twenty-second day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. That makes three weeks and one day.


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