(OCTOBER XXIV) Musical memories shuffle XI

This will work better now than if I had tried it the last few days, as this is the first time in almost a week that I made my post on the computer rather than on a mobile phone.  It’s the traditional music memories shuffle, so I’ll get right into it.  As a reminder, if a song has been listed before and has no other significance, I will list it but skip to the next one.

1) Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited.  As might be expected, this was a song early in my career of sports fandom that I frequently heard at games, and the horns (or whatever is making the sounds in the refrain) are there for the pump-up effect.

2) Brother Louie by The Stories. During one of my late high school years (I think it was senior), we went to Omaha for one of the Passover seders.  This was a late night at Aunt Pam’s house, and therefore I fell asleep in the car heading home.  We stopped at a gas station along the way, and this song was on the radio.  Thus this song has become associated with late night car rides.

3) סיגל מאריס סאן (Segal by Aris San).  This song has an enjoyable combination of instruments, and of course I don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics (since I don’t understand them in Hebrew yet!)  However, this song came to mind since I have several friends with the last name of Sigel, Siegal, or any other transliteration of that Hebrew word.

4) The Horse by Cliff Nobles.  (Repeat, and there’s nothing else that I can immediately apply to this song.)

4b) The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.  In my junior year of high school, I had a day off work during one of the days of spring break.  Thus, I decided to go golfing at the North Forty, which has since been torn down 😦 .  On the way back, I heard this song on The Eagle, and it got stuck in my head all day.

5) Hard To Say I’m Sorry/Get Away by Chicago.  A few times that I biked to work at Runza, this song came up as I got to 7100S/2800E in Lincoln.  The “Get Away” part was a great way to get me into the work mood.

6) הגשמה עצמית מאריק ברמן (Hagshamah Atzmit by Erik Berman): Repeat!

6b) Sidewayz by Najee.  As mentioned in Post 1 of this series, I had no specific memories of this song, although it actually strongly resembles another Weather Channel song that I heard on the Local Forecast in Fort Dodge.  I was in the doctor’s lounge of the Fort Dodge hospital while Dad was at work, and naturally I kept myself entertained with The Weather Channel!

7) lose3 from Bridge Base.  It’s a buzzer.  Enough said!  (Turns out that it is the same buzzer sound effect that B107.3 uses on Battle of the Sexes!)

8) מגן אבות ממרדכי לוין (Magen Avot arr. by Mordecai Levin): The tune is mostly the same as the “traditional” tune that is used in Conservative services, but has a more upbeat feel to it, and is further accompanied by flutes and pianos.  Clearly, that is something that can be done outside of services, but it is a nice addition to hear it in a different way than I normally do.

9) Brown Eyed Girl arr. by Catatonics.  As usual, I seem to like the a-cappella version of songs better than the originals.  The solo went very well in this arrangement.  Granted, other than the concert itself, I have no particular memories that stand out of this arrangement of the song.

10) Haunted Hall from Donkey Kong Country 2.  This was one of my favorite stages in the game, despite it being somewhat difficult.  The music, as I alluded to in a previous post, bears an uncanny resemblance to “Night on Bald Mountain.”  Interestingly, it popped in my head today as I was riding to Jewel.

11) Interstate 80 Iowa by (unknown).  It’s a joking song about driving through Iowa, and seeing nothing but corn on I-80.  My favorite line: “There’s that smell again!”  I have Ryan Carlson from my freshman year at UNL to thank (blame?) for getting me into this song 🙂

12) Turn Your Love Around by George Benson. (Repeat!)

12b) Boss Battle I from Chrono Trigger. It’s a high-energy song, and although I liked “theme II” better at first, this one started to grow on me.  One time that it was on my MP3 player, and not in the game, however, was when I was entering the Mo-Pac trail from East Campus after eating at the Dairy Store, en route to the office.

13) It Better End Soon Third Movement by Chicago.  I get these songs confused all the time.  The building tension as the movement continues is a good lead-up.  Unfortunately, hearing this brings to mind the senseless violence that takes place on the South Side daily, and the highly-publicized acts.  It better end soon, my friend!

14) Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs. There is another memory besides the UNL band.  At the Saltdogs games, they often played the song when the opposing manager stepped to the mound, whether to replace the pitcher or not.  Other times, it was the “Jeopardy!” theme.

15) Pickem loser from The Sportsvoice.  It’s a “demoralizing montage” of sound clips after the person in the pick-em segment of The Sportsvoice on WNUR is judged to be the “loser.”  “You’re a loser.” “You’re despicable!” “Well, hello loser!” “Turrible, turrible, turrible.  Crazy knuckleheaded turrible!” “So go home and cry to your daddy!  You don’t cry here, OK?” “Why don’t you go back outside and talk to trees, or whatever it is that you do!” <Losing horns: wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaah…>

That’s it for this round.  Starting to get the repeats!

Today is the twenty-fourth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes three weeks and three days.


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