(OCTOBER XXVI) Karlized!

The act of Karlization is an infamous thing in my family.  What is it?  Well, let me describe the story which led to the addition of the word to my vocabulary.

We must rewind almost fifteen years (wow!)  I was in fifth grade at the time, and was in the band at Humann Elementary School.  I played the trumpet, and really enjoyed it.  Every Thursday morning, the band began their full rehearsal before school started.  The last Thursday morning of the second quarter, we were ready to have our last rehearsal prior to our first concert that night.  The rehearsal included a practice of how we would enter and sit down once on stage.

During said rehearsal, though, I lost my grip on the trumpet as it tumbled to the ground.  Our rehearsal was in the Humann cafeteria, which had a hard floor.  Though the trumpet did not shatter into a thousand pieces, it broke off a part that did not appear to be critical.  However, when we continued the rehearsal, I found that the middle valve would not return to the normal position when I let go.  In a pinch, we called Mom, and she took the trumpet to Dietze Music House downtown.

Later that evening, the trumpet came back, with the valve apparently fixed.  As I oiled it and returned it, however, it got stuck again!  Therefore, I was unable to play in my very first concert!  The next day, we took it to the south Dietze, and after fixing it, they let us know that it had been “Karlized.”  The person who fixed it the first time, Karl, evidently did a poor job.

As a result, our family has extended that term to any incomplete or unsatisfactory repair job.

Fifteen years later, I brought my Dahon Cadenza into Ten-27 Cycles for a routine tune-up.  Some of the parts have started to wear out, so they replaced some of the parts.  This included the bolts connecting the handlebars to the stem, so that I can again fold the bike in that way.  The bike performed just fine yesterday, and I went to fold it last night.

This morning, however, when I tried to unfold it, the bottom bracket came loose and a screw popped out (see below).  This was a problem earlier, but immediately prior to the tune-up, was not a problem.  Therefore, the bike has been Karlized.  😦  I must take it back today.

Today is the twenty-sixth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes three weeks and five days.


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