(OCTOBER XXVII) Insulation

On a cold day, thermal insulation is a great thing to have.  It is even better when the insulation is lightweight.  Indeed, I’m raving about compression insulation, such as Under Armour.

Prior to a few years ago, the only insulation that I had was a winter coat and lots of layers.  After receiving a set of Under Armour for חנוכה a few years ago, it amazes me how well it keeps me warm on a cold day when I have another layer (such as a jacket and wind-pants) equipped.  Even if I get warm inside while wearing it, it keeps that heat in during the time that I am outside.  In that way, though it was a little brisk at the football game today (which the ‘Cats won–yay!), I was never shivering or under a desperate need to go inside.

Sometimes, I even find it useful when inside… such as in my parents’ house in Lincoln, since Dad doesn’t like to turn the thermostat any higher than 16-17 degrees in the winter (even if I say that is Celsius, that only corresponds to about 62 Fahrenheit!).  It’s OK–I would rather save energy costs in the winter, when it is easier to warm up than it is to cool down in a place without air conditioning.  As Prof. Kath likes to say, there must be the law of conservation of difficulty.

However, I find that when inside (excluding the house in winter), I get hot under the collar quite easily, so that I have to be ready to shed the undermost layer when inside (of course, there is always somewhere private to do said activity).  Now that I know about these sorts of insulating apparel, I could not imagine being outside in colder weather without them.  Isn’t it funny how that works: you discover something, start applying it to your life, and could never think of life without it?

Today is the twenty-seventh day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes three weeks and six days.


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