algebra error.



I can’t follow your work…

Show your work!

Stay symbolic!

Notationally ambiguous.  Write it out!


Your procedure is correct, but you solved the wrong problem…

Use a single [eigenvector]… real and imaginary parts of it!


doesn’t follow.


sign error.

So $\lambda = -2i$.

analytic results needed…

use the vectors!

[Check mark with tick on top]


Sign reversed.

Miscopy–no penalty.

multiple algebra errors.

Keep going!


On the right track.

Watch those variables!

[Adds parentheses]

[Check mark]

Use the eigenvalue technique!


Lost a sign somewhere.

Choose ONE eigenvector and split it.

Use the second equation!

“Correct” based on the error…

Not an eigenvector.

These can’t depend on $x$

$\vec{x}$ is a vector!

Split the eigenvectors before assigning constants!

This doesn’t make sense.

wrong (arithmetic error)


Split each into Real and Imaginary.  THEN append the $c_{j}$

Something’s wrong.

Not exactly…


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