Musical memories shuffle XII

It’s been a while since I’ve made any post, and I might as well go with a staple post: the Musical Memory Shuffle.  Here goes!

1) No Reply At All by Genesis.  Although no new memories pertinent to the song have popped up, I might as well explain why I like it.  The short trumpet blasts, as well as the chorus, have a musical quality that conjures many positive feelings for me.

2) So Much To Say So Much To Give by Chicago.  The introduction, with the descending instruments, is an interesting way to start the song.  The message “We’ve got to live for today” seems to also be one of my mantras.  It’s a pretty short song, and there haven’t been any particular salient cases when the song has popped up yet.

3) Eye In The Sky (full version) by The Alan Parsons Project.   The radio edit version cuts out the first 1:53 of the song.  What is that first part of the song?  “Sirius,” but with some slightly different instrumentals when it cuts away to this song.  I like the “hypnotic guitar” of the latter part of the song, and as a Huskers fan, the appeal and memories with the first 1:53 are obvious.  Tunnel Walk!

4) Hot Smoke and Sassafras by Bubble Puppy.  I have never heard this song on the radio, but it was on Mom’s MP3 player one time when we were riding in her Porsche, and I liked the rocky qualities of the song.  Ergo, I soon copied it to my music library.  Nothing like music with the car’s top down, enjoying a nice summer day!

5) Twisted by Keith Sweat.  This was a staple on KFRX during my fourth and fifth grade years at Humann Elementary.  For whatever reason, it reminds me of gym class.  I think it’s because the female voice in the song reminded me of Mrs. Hinkle’s voice when I was at that year.  Now, I’m not so sure, but of course, mistaken associations tend to persist for a long time!

6) Waterfalls by TLC. (Repeat with nothing new to add).

6b) McCall by Mason Williams.  This is on Dad’s “Classical Gas” CD that he encouraged me to “rip” to my computer.  It’s an easy-going instrumental song, although the specific qualities of the song don’t necessarily shine through for me.  Remember, I am an enthusiast, but not a critic or a musical analyst!

7) Take On Me by Aha.  This is a repeat, but I might as well say why I like it.  I have heard other versions of this song (remixes), and the original just has the appeal that other versions do not.  The trill and tremolo in the instrumentals obviously amuse me, and the high-pitched “two” often makes me giggle on the inside.

8) Higher Love by Steve Winwood.  I heard this song as a double-play with “The Finer Things” on B107.3 on May 7, 2005 in the morning.  This is when I was at Pershing Auditorium, setting up for “One Golden Knight,” or my senior year prom!  Steve Winwood’s songs had become salient to me during that year, not only due to the fact that I became more aware of song titles and artists from the 80’s, but in my yearbook class, one of the 80’s yearbooks was called “The Finer Things.”  That whole day was worth it, even though I got a parking ticket for my first violation in a car!

9) The Pinnacle by Kansas.  Geez–I have a whole blog post dedicated to this song!  Indeed, the most salient time for this song was when I did no justice to it, singing it on my Birthright trip.  Here’s the post to further explain what I think about this song.

10) A Little Respect by Erasure.  Although no particular memory is salient to this song, I like it because of the staccato instrumentals, and “dontcha tell me, dontcha tell me…” (and similar repetitive requests) clearly make the song something that I enjoy hearing.  The lyrics themselves tell something too, although I haven’t really paid attention to them.  Sounds familiar, I take it…

11) Kansas City by The Beatles.  This particular version of the song they played at Memorial Stadium during my sophomore year at UNL at the end of the Colorado game.  The Huskers had won the North Division of the Big 12 Conference and were off to KC the next week to take on the Sooners (but they lost that game, 7-21).  That was probably the highlight of the whole B**l C******n era (No, I’m not so bitter as to censor the name, but some other maniacal Husker fans might come after me if I didn’t).

12) I Missed Again by Phil Collins.  I heard this song as we got back from services on the Saturday of Elizabeth’s בת מצוה [bat mitzvah] weekend.  It was playing in the Embassy Suites lobby, and Dad made a comment about the song (can’t quite remember what it was).  Of course, like other Phil Collins songs, the trumpet parts are my favorite instrumental in the song.

13) Notorious by Duran Duran.  I can’t remember any particular special times that I heard this song, but I enjoy the it significantly.  In particular, the instrumentals during the lyrics “You control the witness…”, with the legato that seems to conflict with the lyrics.  Or maybe I’m imagining things…

14) What A Feeling by Flashdance.  This song was one of the songs that an a-cappella group sang when I was at Washington University in St. Louis for their “Discovery Weekend” in October 2004.  This was the first time that I had been exposed to this art-form, and I seemed to like the song better in this form than on the radio.  Indeed, maybe it planted a seed for this art-form, later enjoying it from Bathtub Dogs, and of course, ShireiNU!

15) Boogie Nights by Heatwave.  (Repeat with no additional meaning.)

15b) Wait A Minute by Mark Krurnowski.  This is one of the “Weather Channel I” songs.  It has no specific memories, but I have enjoyed the song in its own right.  When you get a CD, try to find salience in each song.  Keeping an open mind might expand your musical horizons!  But, as for the actual song, it has an easygoing melody to it, and is quite relaxing… almost like a spring sunny day with temperatures in the 60s.

That’s it for this installment.   Tune in next time!


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