Unconventional milestones and 121

There are certain numbers which are frequently considered milestones, depending on what the number represents.  I have a few examples:

* Milestone ages seem to include multiples of 10, and certain multiples of 5.  This one obviously has other milestone ages that are NOT multiples of 5.  To be discussed further later.

* Many foot races are measured in five-kilometer increments.  (So does that make finishing these races for the first time a kilometerstone event?)

* Blog posts seem to have milestones of increments of 25, from some blogs that I have read.  Obviously, I did a special “Post #100” post too.

* Similarly, message boards seem to have post milestones of multiples of 100, especially 100 or 1000.  (In general, it seems that going from single- to double-digits, double- to triple-digits, etc. is always considered a milestone.  These, of course, are always multiples of 10.)

* In basketball, especially in college or high school, it is a milestone to hit 100 points in a game.  Also, a player’s 1000th career point, 500th career rebound, etc. often is quite celebrated.

* For football, increments of 1000 tend to be the milestones when it comes to a player’s career yards gained.

* In marriage, all the different “anniversary gifts” gives an interesting take, such that each of the first 15 years represents a milestone, and after that, only every 5 years thereafter.

Why do I bring these up?  You guessed it!  This post MARKS an “unconventional milestone.”  It is my 121th career blog post.  As I have mentioned in some previous posts, 121 is one of my favorite numbers.  Actually, the last time I posted, I noticed that I was at 120 posts, and since January 21 was just around the corner, I intentionally delayed this post so that I would hit 121 posts on 1-21.

Interestingly, today also has an “unconventional-conventional milestone” in a way–it was 550 days ago that עשרים ואחת became one of my favorite numbers (i.e. my first day in Israel)! It’s a multiple of 50, but probably for most people, 550 isn’t a number that would come to mind as a milestone (except maybe Molly, who seems to like the number 555).

Of course, there are plenty of non-multiple-of-5 milestone ages as well… 13, 16, 18, 21 among those (respectively, בר\בת מצוה, driving, suffrage, and alcohol).  I think that for me, 58 will be an unconventional milestone age, since 58 is the גמתריה (numerological value) of my first name in Hebrew.

Other milestone numbers include those that break records, whether that be times, points in sports, or whatever other units the record is.  Now, these will rarely be multiples of 10, yet still be quite salient when they are reached.

Am I the only one who thinks about these unconventional milestones in terms of salient numbers?  I would probably think not.  Think about it!

EDIT: A few other things.  My site says that there are 121 comments on my posts.  However, most of those happen to be self-created pingbacks, as opposed to reader comments.  It’s still pretty interesting for that to be the same right now!


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