As might be expected by the timing of this post, it refers to the old saying “March–in like a lion, out like a lamb.”  (Or, the other way around.)

Certainly, this time it has come in like a lion.  It has been cold and wintry, at least here in Chicago.  Today, we got a storm that has dumped a significant amount of snow, but at least in the areas of Evanston that I was, they sufficiently cleared the roads such that I felt mostly safe when biking to bring my bike in for a tune-up.  However, I did have a few near-disasters.

Interestingly, I was originally slated to go to the JCFS “Linkages” event.  It’s a pizza-and-karaoke party, that combines various Jewish organizations aimed toward people with mental irregularities, but it was cancelled due to the weather.  This reminds me of Tuesday, February 1, 2011, when a Linkages event was also planned.  That one was knocked out by “Snowmageddon–” the storm that caused chaos on Lake Shore Drive.  This year, the event was zonked by the weather, but somehow I think there’s no Snowpocalypse in store.

It seems that there have been several late-February/early-March storms that have stuck in my mind.  During my sophomore year at UNL, on March 1, a snowstorm hit, knocked out power on campus in the morning, and cancelled classes for that day.  Interestingly, I had a dream the previous night about being late for work… and then waking up at 07:40, an hour later than I would have otherwise gotten up!  In my free time later in the day, I walked to Devaney to watch the girls state basketball tournament.  Unfortunately, the Knights lost to Bellevue East in the first round.

Heading waaaaay back, another winter storm I remember very well was on February 28, 1998.  On this day, I competed in the Lincoln Public Schools spelling bee in my first eligible year, as a fifth-grader.  I was eliminated on the word “tenacity” as I spelled it “tenasity.” Snow began to fall, and I remember that day also for going out to lunch at KFC, and also for soaking a finger in epsom salts that had been drained of pus the previous night.  (Yeah, that was pretty disgusting.)

Well, because of the storm, Mom and Dad were stuck in Omaha upon return, for two whole days!  School was also cancelled in Lincoln, and I think there was mutual tension building among me, my siblings, and the babysitters.  Once Mom and Dad finally got home, we ate dinner at Vincent’s, and that is probably some of the best food I had that year!  (Of course, it’s amazing how intangibles can improve the tangibles.)

Who knows what other lions will come at the beginning of March in the future?  Regardless, the weather need not make your time bad.

I just hope that the roads are cleared tomorrow so that I can ride to the lacrosse game and then Lakeview to have dinner with a friend.  If not, the L is always an option…


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