Rumbling (Freewrite)

Start the clock… now!

One interesting thing about living close to the train is that you often hear the rumbling of trains passing by.  Of course, living in the Midwest means something else.  Indeed, there is a thunderstorm brewing this morning, so the rumbling that I hear is thunder!   With the shades closed, it is hard to tell when the weather is foul.

Another great thing with rumbling, which thankfully only comes with fair weather (most of the time, at least!) is rumble strips.  Yes, those things near intersections that rumble when you drive or bike over them.  I realize that it is a little unsafe to ride over them on bike, but I do not always stay conventional with the suggestions.  If I wipe out, at least I had fun doing it!  (I suppose, though, that the rumble strips are also fun to drive over.)  When I did a part of RAGBRAI in 2004, I intentionally rode over every rumble strip.  Why not?

Remember the Rumble Pak from the Nintendo 64 and then how the newer controllers have built-in rumble capabilities?  Furthermore, a lot of other technology uses built-in rumble capability.  Phones, anyone?  For me, that feature is important since I find most ringtones to be quite annoying.  Also, on the train, I don’t want to let the world know that I have a phone call coming in, or that I have a fancy phone.

Will this thunder go away?  I would like to get to the office!  The good news is that the work that I have to do is portable right now, so after I run out of time on the blog, I can work from home (theoretically) until the weather abates or until lunch time, since I plan to go to lunch with some of my colleagues.  I think I will set a cutoff time of 11:30.  There is a good thing about working from home right now, though.  The light in my kitchen area is out of order, so I can at least wait until the Engelhart office opens in order to put in a maintenance request.  (Although I suppose it is something I COULD do on my own…)

With the rumbling of thunder and dark skies, the morning feels like the evening or sometimes even night.  I find it strange that most of the salient storms that I have encountered happen in the morning or the evening/night.  Seems that only a few storms have happened during the middle of the day for whatever reason.  The good thing is that I haven’t lost power in my area for some time.  This is not the summer of 2011, thankfully!

I think “rumble” is one of those funny words, and when it comes up in music  or such, I tend to like it.  I can’t mention that without the song “Get Ready For This” with the introduction involving “the main event” and “Let’s get ready to rumble!!”  as I recall going to Nebraska gymnastics meets.  Of course, that’s complete with the streamer guns and then the warmups.  Ah, good times.  I haven’t seen a gymnastics meet since February of 2010, when the Huskers were at Navy Pier for the Chicago Style Gymnastics Meet.  That was such a good weekend, since it also included going to Elgin for a bridge tournament.

I still have not heard the clock expire, so I need to see if I can keep going here.  Sometimes, my mind just blanks on additional material, and as you can see, these freewrites sometimes wander from topic to topic.  In some sense, that is a good thing.  As I have learnt from SPG Improv, it is more important to be obvious than to be funny.  Sometimes, you can tell what comes naturally after an offer, and sometimes you have to stretch to find that next step.  In some sense, everything in this flows in some natural way, even if it seems quite disjoint.  After all, what makes perfect sense to one person may be completely disjointed to another.  That’s the magic of the mind!

At least I have gotten over my fear of lightning striking and burning down my building.  Though I was not there, a few summers ago, our house in Lincoln took a direct lightning strike, and although the house was not burnt down, many electronics got fried.  I think that the loud crash and bright flash would be the thing to scare me the most if my building were to be hit by lightning. (Out of time!)


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