(Round Two MAPLE II) Throwback Thursday

On Facebook and other social media sites, “Throwback Thursday” seems to be quite popular.  Therefore, I think I will make my Thursday posts during MAPLE as “Throwback Thursday” and reproduce an old journal entry.  Why not?

This time, it corresponds to the same day of the year, but it might not for each Thursday this month.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I arose at 730h and equipped my Israel Defense Forces T-shirt and khakis.  Mom and Dad were still asleep, so I journaled in the other suite [in the Embassy Suites State Street in Chicago].  Facebook Mobile distracted me a bit, but oh well!  When Mom and Dad arose, we shortly thereafter went downstairs at 845h.

My breakfast was French toast, pancakes, and fruit.  I expressed my fears about retaliatory attacks in the wake of bin Laden’s death, but Mom reassured me that any retaliation would be after the government and probably not civilians.  Dad also talked about fear in Omaha during the Cold War, and I figure that I can’t live in fear.  On a different note, Amazing Charts was having problems at the office in Lincoln.  That system has had problems!

We went upstairs and got ready for the day.  The first stop was the river tours—they won’t have any available for the public until 1230h.  Since Evanston is a given and I want sushi today for lunch, I can nix this plan—it will be worth the wait for the next time. On the other side of the street, there were a bunch of people in front of the NBC building.  After the pledge of allegiance and Star Spangled Banner were recited, it became clear that it was a field trip for a school.  Walking past Tribune Tower, a free photo opportunity appeared—our picture on a replica Tribune!  Cool!Image

Next, we re-entered the Nordstrom mall so that Mom could return the earrings to Erwin Pearl and try to get a ring re-fitted.  Both of these were pretty quick trips, but Mom had Dad return the latter to White House Black Market since she didn’t want to get “trapped” again.  That’s resolve!  Mom and I talked about vacation memories while he was there.  An interesting idea for MUCH later is to save exotic vacations for when my kids will be old enough to remember them!

Walking down the Mag Mile, we saw less foot traffic than usual, but DUH!  It’s Monday!  We went to Filene’s Non-basement Basement, and Mom sought dresses while I sought pants.  Dad thought that a few of them looked good, and I liked all but one of them.  The blue skinny pants were unevenly tight, which turned me off to them.  Although Mom didn’t take forever, Dad and I were ready to veto any ideas of Mom going to Macy’s.  We are fed up with clothes shopping.

It was 1215h, and after Dad and I vetoed Macy’s, Mom guilt-tripped us.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  Heading toward Ontario Street, we stopped at Crate and Barrel, and there’s a wok that looks good for me!  It will have to be shipped, but I will patiently await it.  After that, we took a left turn at Ontario in search of sushi, and elected to eat at Kamehachi at 240 East Ontario.

It was in the basement of a building, and looked like a traditional Japanese building with wooden floors, water, screens, and patterns.  We got kamehachi, spider, dragon, and Crazy Chicago rolls.  Music was a big topic of conversation, particularly given my like of jazz and international music.  The food itself was great, but quite expensive!  That makes 2-for-2 with Asian eateries below street level here, for those keeping track at home [The previous time was in 1998, when my family and I ate at a Chinese restaurant somewhere below street level in downtown Chicago.  That vacation was a business trip for Dad–the AAFP convention]!

I was satisfied, but not saturated (again).  We returned to the hotel, burnt a few minutes, and then took the Red Line all the way north at 1445h.  As we went along, I pointed out the Chicago neighborhoods that I knew (or at least knew of).  Mom brought up an interesting point—Lincoln didn’t name neighborhoods while she was young.  Dad was in his own world while we travelled.  At Howard, we got on a Purple Line train that came in BACKWARDS!

At Foster, we exited and got to Engelhart.  Chen was not in, but Mom and Dad liked how I had re-arranged the room.  It works well, methinks!  They had some small recommendations on how to re-arrange, particularly with the bike.  Still, it is more compact than it used to be.  After I changed into an NU jacket and Boulevard Lakefront Tour 2010 T-shirt, we walked to Norris.  Mom quickly found “Northwestern Mom” clothes, and we had enough time to walk to Long Field.  On the way, there was a badger fight, which was entertaining.

At Long Field, the warm-ups had started.  It was an all-GSA matchup.  I batted sixth, but went 0-for-2 with  a groundout and strikeout.  We took an early 3-1 lead, and a single tally in the fourth was followed by a 5-run onslaught in the fifth.  That led us to a victory!  The weather was a little bit chilly at this point, but it was good nonetheless.

GSA2 9, GSA1 3

GSA1 (0-3)     1 0 0     2 0 0 = 3    ?    ?

GSA2 (2-1)     3 0 0     1 5 x = 9    ?    ?

We went to Tech so that I could pick up my calculus textbook (I will have to prepare for the recitation later!) and we had plenty of time.  We walked to Noyes and had good timing to catch the last Purple Line Express, taking it only to Belmont.  The next Red Line came about three minutes later, and it was a quick ride to Grand/State.  At the hotel, I took a refreshing shower while Mom and Dad got drinks.  I had to figure out how to run the water correctly!

When we left, we had colorful jackets—purple, red, and blue.  The walk down State Street wasn’t too bad, especially since we had done it before.  There was construction, but do I care?  No!  We got to Morton’s and proceeded to the basement.  This time, we ended up in a corner.

The story includes the food and conversations.  The starter was onion bread, and Mom got salad and asparagus, and Dad got bisque.  I liked the “odds” but not the “evens” [referring to odd- and even-ordinal numbers in that sequence of foods].  While waiting for dinner, Dad noticed a Japanese pair behind us.  The server asked, “Do you speak English?”  Seems to be a potential problem, although it’s of course meaningless to me.

The main course arrived fairly quickly: the steaks.  Mine was Cajun ribeye, which was yummy.  We conversed about computer upgrades, possibly needed at some near point at the office.  The XP system will still be supported for several more years.  Another interesting thought: people who are “regulars” to this restaurant.  To me, fancy restaurants necessarily imply “special treat.”

We all stopped eating so that we would have room for dessert at the Embassy Suites.  I took all the leftovers, and we walked back to 600 North State.  Nothing too exciting happened on the walk, but oh well.  We changed into everyday clothing and again came downstairs for bridge.  This time, the phantom hand was bid by an opponent, NU-short style.  It was the most fair of the three iterations we played this weekend, and was fun!  I didn’t keep score, but had a lot of fun!  The caramel corn was great too.

At 2300h, we returned to the room.  I wanted to get to bed so that I won’t be groggy tomorrow.



Today is the second day of MAPLE, round two.

היום שבעה ושלושים יום, שהם חמישה שבועות ושני ימים לעמר.

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