(Round Two MAPLE IV) Drafting

WordPress has the “draft” option, so that you can save a copy of any of your blog posts without publishing them.  I find that I have been using this more frequently.  And it made me think about a couple of things with “drafts.”

The first time I can recall working with the idea of drafts was back in second grade (YIKES: 18 years ago!!), when Mrs. Moen showed us a poster in her classroom (on the east wall) that described the writing process, including “brainstorming,” “rough draft,” “editing,” and “final draft” (or something like that.  Maybe she recalls the poster!)  Anyway, one time when we were going through this process, she referred to the first draft as the “sloppy copy,” and the first time I tried it, I was way too literal on that, including heading the draft as “sloppycopy!”  in, indeed, very sloppy writing!  I think in that case, I failed to see the forest for the trees, per se.

Of course, the first time you try something, it is never going to be polished.  This was drilled into me throughout my primary and secondary education.  When I got to college, in English 150H, Dr. Milliken recommended having the first draft be a freewrite, with the idea that it is easier to cut material than it is to add material.  That is an interesting take, but I can certainly believe it.

One of the reasons that I put this post up today is because I am applying for the graduate teaching certificate program, and they require a teaching philosophy statement.  Part of the program is to teach us how to write one, and therefore I see this one as a rough draft.  I’ll try not to make it a total sloppy copy, but it will certainly not be perfectly polished.  That is the good thing about projects rarely being “final” from the start.

And, of course, I can’t mention a post involving “drafting” without also mentioning biking and card games, in terms of beating the wind (see yesterday!) or passing cards (for tomorrow–I will be going to a tournament)!

One last word: put together with the “draft” function is the “scheduler” function.  Indeed, it is nice that I can prepare something ahead of time, but then post it when I want.  I know that worked well with my “Numerical musings II” post.


Today is the fourth day of MAPLE.

היום תשעה ושלושים יום, שהם חמישה שבועות וארבעה ימים לעמר.

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