(Round Two MAPLE X) Categories and tags

You may have noticed that I have recently added new categories and called said categories “NEW.”  I have also started tagging posts, which I did at the beginning but then did not do until a while ago.

I got curious about categories and tags a few weeks ago, in seeing how others might use them in their blogs.  What happened surprised me.  Clearly, I know that many people on Facebook abuse “hash-tagging” when it is not even supported there.  This blog does not use hash-tagging, but from here on out, will use tags on all of its posts.

The “category” can be considered to be the “table of contents” of the blog.  Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to simplify to a few different categories rather than the wide variety that I had.  The old list of categories was this laundry list.

  1. Academic Considerations
  2. Article Response
  3. Blast From The Past
  4. Events
  5. Freewrite
  6. MAPLE
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Music
  10. Perspective
  11. Quick Update
  12. Random Thoughts
  13. Religion
  14. Sports
  15. The Week That Was
  16. Travelogue

WOW, that is a lot of categories.  After reading this webpage, I realized that the way I was doing it was basically to have too many categories.  After all, some of these are really offshoots of one another.  For example, MAPLE and OCTOBER and Music Memories are all “Series,” and Travelogue, Blast From The Past, and sometimes Events can all be combined into the better category “Full journals.”  The sub-categories of these major categories might fit better in tags, actually!  Therefore, once I am done streamlining, there will be just seven categories:

1) Full Journal

2) Memory Compilations

3) Thoughts

4) Series

5) Article Responses

6) Soul of Wit (short posts)

7) Miscellaneous

This, I think is a much broader way to categorize the posts in my blog, as a holistic thing for people who are interested in certain topics.

The tags are the “index” of my blog.  I can use it for both sub-categories, as well as key words from each post.  It remains to be seen how effective that will be, and whether I will eventually put up a “tag cloud” on my homepage in order to show what is most commonly written.

The first thing that I must do is to re-categorize and add tags to all the previous posts in the blog.  Considering that I am posting every day this month, and since this is a hobby and not a career for me, the project to re-categorize my blog might fall into as great of a deficit as my deficit of journal transfer!

Since I’ll be re-categorizing and re-tagging posts, does this make me a revisionist now?


Today is the tenth day of MAPLE — that makes one week and three days.

היום חמישה וארבעים יום. שהם ששה שבועות ושלושה ימים לעמר


3 thoughts on “(Round Two MAPLE X) Categories and tags

  1. Hi, Noah121 (need to fix your display name 😀 )

    Thank you for linking to my article on categories and tags. I’m doing a year long series called Blog Exercises and I love what you have done with your categories. I started to write a response and realized that I was writing an entire article that would fit in well with that series.

    If it is okay with you, I’d like to feature your site and my response within my article series. We can discuss it more in length by email. I’d really like to help as you lit a fire of inspiration on this subject that I think will help so many.



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