(Round Two MAPLE XXIV) That was close!

Today, I went to Merchandise Mart in order to pick up my T-shirt for Bike The Drive for Sunday (for which I am psyched :)). However, the ride featured some “close calls.”

  • When I was on Clark Street near the 7000 block, a pedestrian jumped out in front of a car and I was startled, but somehow managed to avoid hitting him, losing control, or crashing.
  • Quite a few times I had to stop for ambulances.  Good thing none of them came for ME!
  • Potholes, road work, and other annoyances littered various points of Clark Street.
  • As I approached Fullerton (about 9 miles into the trip), I realized that I had FORGOTTEN my T-shirt voucher at home!  I quickly considered going home, and had the idea running through my head, “I’M AN IDIOT!!  Was this trip really necessary?”  Two things kept me going:
    • Why should I give up on a ride that I was doing anyway?
    • Since I am already registered, they can probably set me up anyway.
  • Indeed, at Merchandise Mart, the help desk provided me with a replacement voucher under the condition that I destroy the old voucher at home.  Affirmative, General!
  • Not exactly about “close call,” but last time Mom and Dad were in Chicago, Dad had considered an “experiment” with fresh Garrett’s popcorn vs. Nuts On Clark.  With a Garrett’s branch in Merchandise Mart, that’s a bit closer to the nearest Nuts On Clark at Union Station!
  • Biking in downtown Chicago is intimidating, but I refuse to be daunted.  I ride safely (most of the time)!
  • Did I mention how annoying the wind is?

I guess that it’s OK that you sometimes suffer some close calls.  A sense of danger is a healthy thing!


Today is the twenty-fourth day of M.A.P.L.E. That makes three weeks and three days.


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