Day of double irony

Today was a day of double irony, and not in the sense of Alanis Morisette’s song.

First, I rode to the Bike To Work Rally with some of the members of the Evanston Bike Club.  The irony here is probably obvious: I played hooky from work today to enjoy the weather and get another bike ride in.  That’s one advantage when the advisor is out of town, and since I work hard during most of the days.  I’ll call it a small reward for finishing the TA work of the quarter on Wednesday.  Does that seem like a reasonable excuse?

It was a fun rally!  I got a free T-shirt, bagel, water, and KIND bar.  I saw Dan (manager of Team To End AIDS when I did it two years ago), Julie (head of The Chainlink), and enjoyed the program, where some of the bigwigs talked about the vision for Chicago, with Divvy, more bike lanes and infrastructure, and basically how to make Chicago even greener and more bike-friendly.

Second, I then biked to Deerfield… in order to go to the DMV to get an Illinois DRIVER’S license.  Thankfully, after getting through the short Duloc-style line that Shrek and Donkey just ran right through, the gatekeeper who approved my ID documents said that I would only need a written test.  Yay–so I didn’t waste a trip since I don’t have a car!

However, it was a long, annoying wait in line–at least I could sit down!  The screen showing the numbers and the counters sometimes repeated the same number up to four times.  “Now serving H 8 8 8 at counter number 5. <Repeated three times>”  My number was F646, and for the first twenty minutes, there were no “F” numbers called.  The first “F” was F638, so I figured I would have to wait a while.  While waiting, I overheard some of the music in the background faintly, attempted to journal, and occasionally clomped in my bike shoes over from the cattle car to the window–my bike’s lock had not been tampered.

Fast-forwarding past the irritating wait of over an hour, the mechanical woman’s voice proclaimed in an articulation that could be a singsong, “Now serving F Six Four Six at counter number 8.”  This was the one essentially in front of me, and the attendant saw my enthusiasm as I rose and said, “Yes!” immediately after seeing the number on the screen.  I paid the fee and took the easy written test, sitting in a school-style desk.  My photo shows my curly hair, which I probably need to get cut soon.  I was partially irritated with the wait since my lunch time had a cap at 14:00.

My favorite thing: ROAD DESTRUCTION, made the exit from the DMV a little awkward.  After riding on some neighborhood roads, I popped out onto Deerfield Road, got to the Skokie Valley Trail, and in short order arrived at Mizrahi Grill, since this was one of my reasons for going all the way north to Deerfield.

Lunch was wonderful!  I had a pita with schawarma, and also a side of fries.  I find it interesting that schawarma is often paired with fries, as this is not the first time that I have had this pairing.  Indeed, this was also combined when I went to פלאפל ירושלים (Jerusalem Falafel) in באר-שבע (Beer-sheva).  Interestingly, there were several other connections to July 28, 2011 in today:

* The food connection above, with a further idea:

–> Got to eat outside on a pleasant day!  (Unfortunately, this time I was not accompanied by anyone on Birthright, although I saw someone outside who strongly resembled, but was not, ברכה (Bracha, my ulpan teacher from 2011-12)).

* The bike riding did a number on my bladder :p (Sometimes, my bladder is more of a limiting factor in continuous riding for me than my stamina…)

* I got up prior to sunrise.

* I was required to give my demographic information at a government agency.

Isn’t it funny how that works?  On my return ride home, I was a lot slower than I might have otherwise been, because the food was deceptively filling.  At least it was bike-riding, which is much easier on the GI than running.

THANKFULLY, there was no injury this time.

To cut the post, I’m trying to use 10,000 spoons.  It’s not very effective…


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