A poem of storms

(The following is my experience with attempting to go to “Boogie On The Beach” and my fears about an incoming thunderstorm.  I’ll try writing in verse!)

though a few hours early

the day for Jewish Valentines

calls for boogieing on the beach

the clear view of the endless skyline

in an attempt to recreate fields of long ago


bike riding along the lakefront from Chicago

the skies threaten to make me choose

my fear of thunderstorms gets amplified

with proximity to the shore


the fear is set aside as I arrive

dark skies all around not dampening the mood

disco music playing

conversations while hip-swinging

and food of course–an event complete


the wind blows west

the darkness envelops the horizon

a red flag on the tall beach chair

yet some peaks of blue sky still appear


as I schmooze

saccades nervously roam freely

not due to introvertedness

not my aspie retreat

astraphobia or not, a desire to be alee


a flash distracts my conversations

I nervously reconsider being here

“I’ll wait it out” I tentatively say


then a double lightning strike

appears above the lake











not going to take a sacrifice

riding to the nearest elevated

the one-forty-seven at the corner

I barely miss–rhombus

(yes indeed–accept the pun-ishment)


frankly reckless riding

a taxi nearly takes me out

rest assured, defense even in fear

the L bridge is in sight


greenleaf, lunt, morse

alongside the viaduct

rattle rattle rattle

goes my bike on the bricks


eluding the storm

the skies then open

once the train

lets us out

thank goodness for a canopy


now what went wrong here–

beware the ides of av

seems contrary to the day’s happiness

especially given for me that

גם היום עשרים ואחת ביולי


oh wait

could it be a change of pattern

that my birthdays were always stormy

nah–coincidences have an interesting bias




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