This post is inspired by the “BREAKING NEWS” that I posted on Facebook today.  My first publication in grad school is near!  Here are the key details:

Title: “Heat flow disturbed by periodic array of insulated interface cracks”

Journal: Mechanics Research Communications

Authors: Noah Weiss and Leon Keer

It will not be available immediately, as this was just the acceptance that I found out about today.

When I got the e-mail, I jumped for joy and nearly took out the light above my head!  Any major accomplishment is always worth celebrating, and a “first-of-hopefully-many” is also wonderful!

We seem to put quite a bit of emphasis on firsts throughout our lives.  Whether those be developmental milestones (e.g. first words, first time walking, etc.), professional milestones (first job, first publication, etc.), or personal milestones (first date, first anniversary, etc.) we celebrate them.  It’s from the primacy effect, that we always like to remember from where we came.

Furthermore, many firsts come from other firsts (first day on a project, etc.)  It is much like what Semisonic says: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  In some sense, each “first” is a new adventure, and when we get to the end of one adventure, it’s our first day on a new adventure.  Granted, in my work, I’ve been on the next part for a while now.  Though it is frustrating, the roads are full of ruts, or it would not be called research.

What lies beyond?  Only time will tell!



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