Exactly what it says on the tin

That phrase I took from TV Tropes, to describe something that is what-you-see-is-what-you-get.  Several examples have become salient to me lately, from comics, recalling a TV show, but unfortunately the last one is n0t quite as funny.

  • In Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! (a comic strip), on Wednesday, a chart listed workplace injuries, including vehicle accidents, falls, workplace violins, overexertion, and repetitive motion.  (I’m surprised that killbots didn’t make the list.) Naturally, the second panel showed Winky thinking that “violence” was misspelled, and in the next panel, Winky is bonked over the head with a violin, as Brewster retorts, “No, I didn’t [misspell].”  This made me laugh aloud when I read it.

    Then, the next day, Brewster erects a sign: “Danger: Hard hat area.”  The last panel of that one shows Winky dodging falling hard hats.  Clearly, I had to clip out that comic, given how much hard hats are a part of my psyche.  Thankfully, one has never fallen on me like a rock slide!

  • The stuff involving disintegration from ACME in Looney Tunes.  While Marvin the Martian’s A-1 disintegrating pistol fired a ray to disintegrate what it hit, the ACME disintegrating pistol… disintegrated upon hitting the trigger!
  • And the ACME disintegration-proof vest did exactly that: didn’t disintegrate.  But… it didn’t save the target as Duck Dodgers became a pile of ashes.

Now, the reason that I have the thing… for not such a positive reason.

  • The derailleur on my bike did just that.  I don’t know how, but it derailed in such a way that the chain is now on the OUTSIDE of the housing.  I’m going to have to take it in tomorrow…

There is something that is really funny about literal things when you expect something figurative.  But not when it’s something like a derailleur derailing!


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