[Round Two O.C.T.O.B.E.R. XI] Breakfast

I will give some credit to Andrew Ek, a former UNL colleague of mine, for writing about pancakes and giving me the idea to write about breakfast.

However, unlike him, there is no negative memory associated with certain breakfasts, as his thesis revolved around never eating pancakes alone.

It is a very good thing to eat breakfast in the morning.  It starts the day off right, as it has been said that people who eat breakfast daily have a faster metabolism and are in general healthier.  I eat breakfast (or something at the beginning of the day) 364 days a year.  It is probably my favorite meal of the day, especially when at home or on vacation.

When we used to live in Fort Dodge, and went to Lincoln for family vacations, inevitably Gramma Lea would spoil us rotten, including bacon for breakfast.  This was one of my favorite things about going to Lincoln, since we never had that in the house in Fort Dodge (Mom & Dad’s compromise: keep the house kosher (really, more kosher-style since, for example, no certified meat was available there), but allow us the vice of never-kosher food when outside of the house).

On family vacations to Omaha, there was no bacon involved, but instead Cinnabons and/or pecan rolls were breakfast staples that I looked forward to each time.  Additionally, breakfast often included grapefruit, with the serrated spoons and the sugar.  That is still a legacy that I continue, and think of Grammy and Dad whenever I have those for breakfast.  Actually, I just had that today, in honor of both of them (Happy Birthday, Dad!!) In some sense, each place I travelled meant different exciting foods that I would not normally have in Fort Dodge.  And, to a lot of people, food is a huge thing about travel!

Living in Lincoln, special breakfasts really started burning into my memory once we moved to our house on Countryview Lane.  Mini-pancakes and Mickey waffles were (and still are) a big highlight of weekends and vacations.  Even though I have recipes for pancakes and waffles in Chicago and use them on occasion, the hierarchy of pancakes and waffles, from best to not-so-good, goes as follows:

PANCAKES: (1) Mom’s, (2) Restaurants (when of the blueberry or chocolate chip variety), (3) mine (but all things considered, it’s not a fully fair comparison), and way at the bottom, store-bought and mixes.

WAFFLES: (1) Mom’s, (2) Mine, (3) Restaurants and Brunches out, and (4) Store-bought and mixes.

The waffles, especially, are a highlight at home.  They’re in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head, and is a big thing that everyone looks forward to.  Although I never had friends stay overnight, when my siblings did, they (especially Casey’s friends) always looked forward to Mickey waffles.  I’m getting hungry now thinking about them!

Yesterday’s post was about my first time to Boston back in 2004.  A little less than 34 months later, my family went to Boston for a vacation, and my culinary adventurousness blossomed.  I tried lox with my bagel for the first time when I was at Cousin Margot’s, and really thought to myself, “What have I been missing all these years?”  The omelettes that were available at the Embassy Suites also became a staple “special” breakfast item.  (In general, I became a lot more adventurous in food around the time of that vacation.  Maybe another blog post for another time.)


Today is the eleventh day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes one week and four days.

Happy birthday, Dad!


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