[Round Two O.C.T.O.B.E.R. XX] Cleaning up

One thing that I do not do on a regular basis, let alone well, is cleaning up my living and/or work spaces.  They tend to be organized disorganized chaos.  By that, I mean that somehow, I know where most of my articles sit, but I allow the places to get very messy.

However, there are times where I will go on an all-out or mostly all-out cleaning of the area.  When I was an undergraduate, it seemed that I would do a large-scale cleaning of my room at home sometime during the summer.  This also included a wardrobe check.  Of course, I also had to do a large-scale cleaning when I was at UNL in preparation to move out.

There exists some great satisfaction, however, about cleaning up that makes things feel a lot better, even if it is only a little bit of re-arrangement.  In particular, when my floor is messy with card stuff, discarded newspapers, and sometimes dirty clothes, it is difficult to move around.  When certain areas are messy, like part of the floor or the desk, it makes it appear that there is less space for storage or utility than there actually exists.  And sometimes, it is necessary to clean the living area for when others enter the room, whether that be maintenance or entertainment.  (The latter, though, is not going to happen while I’m in Engelhart).

Cleaning up can be good exercise with reaching, moving around, and it also might exorcise some demons from your head.  For example, my method of “celebrating” my passing of the qualifying exam back in August of 2012 was to clean my room, since it had gone to the dogs during my preparation.  That was a great satisfaction, exercise, and way to basically purge the demons of that time period from my presence.

But, I should try to resolve to not let it get as bad as it does sometimes…


Today is the twentieth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes two weeks and six days.


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