[Round Two O.C.T.O.B.E.R. XXXI] Walking is slow

Having a bike is a great thing, as it provides many benefits of exercise that walking also does.  Plus, it is much faster to get around on a bike than it is on foot.

Granted, that’s the point of this post.  Sometimes I feel that I take the bike for granted, especially when I “voluntarily” refrain from riding.  When I say voluntarily, I mean that I could ride but choose not to.  Of course, you could say that there is never an “involuntary” time that I don’t ride.  The cases of “involuntary” non-riding include when the bike is in the shop for repairs, when there is a lot of snow or ice, or when I have to carry something that would not fit on the bike.  In some sense, going to Hillel on Shabbat when there is not a ‘Cats sporting event I consider an involuntary refusal to ride (though I realize I set a double standard there).

The idea came to me on Tuesday, when I chose to walk to Panera to have dinner with Dina, rather than riding my bike.  I thought that it felt really slow, since I am so used to riding my bike.  However, it is an important paradigm shift, and in some sense I can think of it as a cross-training (YEAH, RIGHT!)

Just as you see things differently when on bike versus in a car, you see things differently on foot than you do on a bike.  You get even more time to enjoy the weather, the fresh air, and the environment.  Though I don’t consider it particularly practical, it is definitely better when talking, as it is much easier to walk and talk than it is to bike and talk.  One activity that I rather enjoy is just low-key walking and chatting–it is a staple of post-dinner times with friends.

Despite the seeming negativity that the post gives, I actually do enjoy walking.  It is simply that when I am so used to riding a bike, walking feels slow.  This is only really the case outside, since inside I should not be riding a bike.  (However, I will evilly admit that I sometimes ride my bike through the halls of Tech.  So sue me now!)

I wonder if runners or other cyclists feel the same way about walking and it being slow?  Or people in general?  Do they even think about the speeds in that way?


This has been a fun O.C.T.O.B.E.R. of posts.  From musical posts to sporting events, meaningful Throwback Thursdays and random thoughts, I have covered a lot of ground.  Even if there were some days that I had difficulty with topics, I was motivated to do them.

Today is the thirty-first day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes four weeks and three days.



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