Daylight saving time

In some sense, this is a sequel to the “Long days and “tudes”” post from the beginning of the summer.

As we all know, daylight saving time ended on Sunday, which meant that people in most of the USA got an extra hour for sleeping, activity, or whatever.  Although I like “falling back,” it still throws off my routine because it usually means that I justify staying up an hour later but still keeping the same amount of sleep.  Naturally, that means that I really get screwed up when it is time to “spring ahead.”

Although it is only a one-hour change, it still annoys my body’s clock, because in Chicagoland, what was 18:00 and starting to get dark in daylight-saving time is now 17:00, so that I don’t get to see the sun when returning from work, unless I start early and end early.  Plus, the beginning of standard time means that my sleep might get disrupted by an earlier sunrise.  Considering that I sleep with my shades open most of the time, it is an effect that should not be taken lightly.

I know that daylight saving time is an old artifact of the idea to get more daylight during “ordinary” hours, but I feel like since the world is becoming much more of a 24/7 society, that the time adjustment for the summer is no longer necessary.  Though I like the extra hour in November, the loss of that hour in March seems to outweigh the boon of November, at least to me.

Of course, if I were in much of Indiana or Arizona, I wouldn’t be grousing about this…


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