Wonky weather

“In the Midwest, if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes.”

This is so true, especially during the fall and spring.  Take yesterday, for example.  In Chicagoland, the high was in the sixties during the early part of the day, despite it being cloudy.  It was actually fairly disgusting to get to Welsh-Ryan Arena at about 11:40, with the clouds and humidity, and my jacket seeming unnecessary.

Then, while the volleyball match was going on, evidently some severe thunderstorms hit.  Lightning, thunder, hail, and heavy rain.  I saw none of it, but heard all about it, as well as the evacuation of Soldier Field and the tornadoes in downstate Illinois.

When I exited the game at 14:30, the wind was blowing heavily northbound, but the sun was shining brightly as the clouds quickly danced through the sky.  After I ate lunch, I exited to clouds moving quickly (and the sun was not visible), and a drop in the temperature.  By the end of the basketball doubleheader, it had significantly cooled down, but skies were mostly clear.  What a day!

Another November day that stuck out to me was ten years ago (actually, exactly ten years ago: November 17, 2003)!  I had gotten home from school at 15:00, and did a “take in nature” project for my English class, with clear skies and a pleasant breeze, and temperatures in the 50s.  Afterwards, I went to the office and got a FluMist–and it made me suffer later in the week, with cold-like symptoms and just an icky feeling.

But, the reason for this story in this post was when I dropped off Casey at gymnastics and then picked up Levi at Hebrew school.  The skies quickly darkened as I went from 9th Street to South Street, and as I turned onto Sheridan Road, the skies OPENED BIG TIME, with such heavy rain that I had to pull over (I was still a neophyte driver at this time!)  But the downpour quickly stopped so that I was able to pick up Levi safely without complaints about being late.

There are plenty of other examples in other months that I could give, but this was not intended as an essay.  Just a few examples!


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