[M.M.X.I.V. 3] Unexpected rendezvous

I have been in Lincoln on vacation for a couple of weeks now, and return to Chicago on Sunday (insert chorus of boos and/or cheers here).  A major part of my trip has been the rendezvous with some of my acquaintances and teachers from Lincoln.

At almost every one of these meetups, not only did I meet up with the intended person, but since these were at public places like coffee shops or restaurants, other people who know me and/or whom I know have led to excited greetings.

It really tells me that even though Lincoln is a town of 250,000, the world is smaller than it seems.  And sometimes, the most satisfying rendezvous with a friend or acquaintance is a time when it is not expected!

This coffee-shop/restaurant rendezvous, however, should not be something that I restrict to return trips to Lincoln.  It might be good to encourage me to connect with my Evanston-area friends as well!  Or, other activities would work too.  And, one time in Evanston, this same story happened… the unexpected rendezvous within a planned get-together.


Today is the third day of M.M.X.I.V. That makes three days.


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