[M.M.X.I.V. 8] Counting stars

Despite the name of the post, it does not have to explicitly do with the OneRepublic hit.  However, after hearing it a few times during my return to Lincoln, I found that I actually like the song!  New music from the last few years has by-and-large become agreeable to me.

But, the reason that I really wrote this post, was to consider starry skies.  Throughout my life, I have often lived away from significant light pollution.  When I used to live in Fort Dodge, Iowa, a town of about 30,000 people, it was easy to find nights where you could see the stars.  (Granted, I would not remember these, since it was not something I was particularly interested in then, or something that I took for granted).

In Lincoln, I started to notice clear nights and the stars once we moved out past Yankee Hill Road.  The sky had an interesting gradient with stars clearly visible from above and to the south, yet having the lights from Lincoln to the north to get the best of both worlds.

The effect was furthered on some of my outdoors trips, like Camp Kitaki in 6th grade, Halsey National Forest in the summer of 2008, or the Neihardt camping outing that same fall.  The lattermost also gave me a glance at stars in the galaxy, with that distinctive streak across the sky when you are away from light pollution.  This was also evident in the Negev during my Birthright trip… maybe even more so!

But, when I moved to Evanston, there is too much light coming from Chicago, such that even on clear nights, it was difficult to see stars in the sky.  Therefore, that was something that I really missed about Lincoln, and something that always excites me about going back.  Sleeping under the stars during my Labor Day weekend was one of the nicer nights that I had… in reminiscence of younger days.

But, for once, unless it was just a matter of being more aware of it, when I got off the L this evening to return to Engelhart, I saw plenty of stars shining down from above, as I trudged through the snowy and messy Engelhart parking lot.

Maybe stars in the night sky will be something that I notice more often now!


Today is the eighth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes one week and one day.



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