[M.M.X.I.V. 11] Zero to Hero

Subtitle of the post: “Pardon Our Dust!”

As part of my daily blogging, I will definitely consider daily-post challenges, particularly those from The Daily Post.  One thing that they are doing right now is “Zero to Hero,” which is intended to provide some exercises in improving a blog.

In embarking on this, it is in some sense a New Years resolution to make my blog more friendly and customized.  Though I have done some blogging for the last 29 months  (WOW!), I have not worked much with the actual nitty-gritty of the blog, such as the tagline, name (yes, “noah121weiss” is great, but I think I can come up with something more clever).

I updated my “About” page slightly for Day 1 of the challenge (granted, not physically on Day 1), to further explain some of my story.

For Day 2, I was to change my tagline and site name.  The tagline was originally “Adding the “b” to his handwritten logs” and the site name was originally “noah121weiss.”  Though I like both of these, the blog consists of more than just my journals transcribed to the Internet.

Therefore, the site’s name was changed to “Never A Worry.” (rest assured, the blog address remains noah121weiss.wordpress.com).  These letters represent my cypher (i.e. monogram)–Noah A. Weiss.  Additionally, positivity is always apparent in my posts and my personality, so it seems natural to change the blog name in this way.  I changed my tagline to expand on this.

Day 3 asked me to write the post that got me into blogging.  This is expounded in my new About page.  (Yes, this is a cop-out, but some of the very beginning stuff was already well-established on this blog.)

Day 4 asked to start following blogs, which I have done throughout my time blogging.

Day 5 asked me to consider my blog’s theme, which has been the “Twenty-Ten” theme.  I sort of like it as is, but am open to suggestions on other themes that might be better-suited for a blog with a variety of possible topics.  I feel that most of the widgets on the sidebar are useful, but they are intended for convenience.

My ideal theme is one that is easy to read, since most of my posts are text only.  I would like something which elucidates the category and tags more on each post, but something which is well-adjusted to writing.  One nice thing: if you change a theme and then change back, the background and images are saved.  But the widgets (elements of the sidebar and/or footer) are not–grr.

For now, I changed the theme to “Typo,” which has the parameters that I have in the previous paragraph.  However, the widgets are only available in the footer.  That’s okay to me, but I welcome input from readers on other themes that fit my requests.

Day 6 asks me to publish a post with a new element.  Because I am, in some sense, cramming the first nine days into one post (yay for an exploding footnote cell, as described in an old educational video about the periodic table that I saw in tenth grade), this is my chance to add something new.  Therefore, I’ll embed a YouTube video: the funny DirecTV commercials telling you to “get rid of cable.”  I saw a few of them during the bowl season.

(It worked!  I don’t need any dollar signs or \begin{video} … \end{video} code!)

The Day 7 task was to consider my header and background image.  Originally, what I had was a tiling in the background of a page from my hand-written journal (actually, from April 8, 2012 🙂 ).  The header was originally the picture of a sunset (which is a generic WordPress header, I think).  I like it, but might be able to find something else, such as removing the title text in the header, and replacing it with a custom header (maybe the title in my own handwriting, written across the page of my journal, in the header area?

When I changed my theme to Typo, I changed the background to the header, leaving a blank background.  Otherwise, I find that the background interferes with the text.

For Day 8, the goal was to fine-tune the “About me” page.  It reads as more of a brief chronology of the blog, as well as a short exposition on the anything-goes nature of it.

And catching up to Day 9, more blog-following is recommended.  Even if I am not an avid reader of other blogs, having them in my Reader after following may spark some new ideas, and allow others to follow me.  Networking, networking, networking.


I realize that this post may read more like a lab notebook than like a polished post.  However, since many of these early “Zero to Hero” tasks involved behind-the-scenes work, that doesn’t encourage my polished expositions.  Plus, it shows off the side of me when I journal: bits and pieces during ordinary days.  Full paragraphs are for vacations and special events.

Although I may not create a “Zero to Hero” or “Daily Prompt” post every day, they will certainly be in my list of possible posts.

Oh, and one more technical thing.  The Daily Post also has a post on “Writing Great Post Titles,” and one suggestion is to change the slug (i.e. the end of the perma-link) to eliminate unnecessary words.  I worry that technique may break existing links.  Will it, or will I be safe if I start deleting parts of slugs?


Today is the eleventh day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes one week and four days.


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