[M.M.X.I.V. 33] Same words, different voice

This is a response to when I listened to Sunny-Side Up on Tuesday, the radio program on WNUR that I previously mentioned on my blog.

Kristin read an excerpt of my “Winter beauty” post, and it was so interesting to hear her voice put a more eloquent voice to my words.  The quote she used was almost the whole first paragraph:

Even though it can be cold and treacherous in the winter, I think it is a time of great beauty.  When I think of the color white, I think of renewal, happiness, love, and light.  There is nothing like that carefree feeling that I get when I see the ground blanketed in a fresh layer of snow, as it reminds me of the eagerness of my younger self, on snowy nights with the anticipation of a snow day.

Despite the fact that they were my words, she did a great job of personifying them in a different sense than what I might have thought about when I wrote it.  Others’ interpretations of words come about in the voice, which may change the connotation.  I think that the emotions came out a lot more in the vocal interpretation* than in my verbal interpretation… and as I implied in December, the tones of voice that Kristin and Lindsay use are a big reason why I was attracted to the talk portion of their show.

Now that I think about it, although I can theoretically borrow their “You’re looking particularly good today!” I do not think that I could do it justice, since how someone looks is not how I generally tend to form an impression or a beginning comment.  That phrase, however, appears to come from some other sources too.

It leads to an idea–when I write in my journal or on my blog, I usually don’t also speak while writing.  If I write while thinking out loud, would it change my written tone of voice?  Another experiment may come at hand!

*Hmm… that’s an interesting idea for a future post, or maybe a sequence!  Write something that may have strong or weak words, but have my voice really bring out the emotion or idea within it in some sort of embedded video.  Or, a review of an old post, but orally interpreting it!  Yes, yes, yes…


Today is the thirty-third day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes four weeks and five days.


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