[M.M.X.I.V. 40] Found!

Yesterday, I had the radical idea of re-arranging my apartment. The original setup, going from the door of the bedroom and following the wall counter-clockwise, was Entrance, Closet, Entertainment Stack, Recycle Bin (below Window), Desk, Book Case, Dresser (with TV on top), and Bed.  (The picture shows an attempt at a perspective from the door.)


FIGURE 1: The original setup of my room, as seen from my door.

Well, it was a bit of heavy lifting or sliding, so I had to remove all the items from each thing in order to move them.  Because I still have other things to do, rearranging of the items within the shelves, desks, and drawers will have to wait for another day.  But, as I was moving the dresser, I noticed that a pair of white socks emerged from underneath the dresser.  I would not have been able to detect them without moving it.  I have no idea how they got underneath there!

In addition, a few other items (Figure 2) popped out, which was the reason for this post!


FIGURE 2: Socks, green jersey, and Under Armour.

Finding a pair of socks was symbolic of the fact that socks seem to be the most-commonly lost clothing article, at least in my experience.  However, it is weird that it came as a pair–normally I would expect to find a lost INDIVIDUAL sock in an out-of-reach place!

The Under Armour article is actually more “Under Legour”–compression leggings that are good for thermal insulation and athletic performance.  I had two pairs before “losing” this one, but the other pair has a hole in the knee from when I wiped out in a playoff basketball game at UNL (that we lost by slaughter rule: playing 3-on-5 will do that to you).  Hopefully, now that I found this one, it will stay in my regular rotation when I need more insulation… like maybe today!

And the green jersey: in some sense it is half of me!  I received it during the REU at UNL during the summer of ’08.  It was something that our group, together with the graduate students assisting us, wanted to get.  But, there is a pattern to all of the numbers on these jerseys: they are all prime!  My number was 29 (although I wanted 23 at the time, for the number of my favorite Nebraska basketball player–Kelsey Griffin).

I wore the jersey to my intramural games in my senior year at UNL, and also wore it at Northwestern… at least until the jersey somehow got buried underneath the dresser.  Finding this was key to me, because there was definitely sentimental value on the jersey, and the number actually turns out to be quite significant.  This is because 29 is half of 58.  And I have blogged about 58 beforeseveral times, in fact… and each time, it implies that 29 is half of the numerical value of my name.

Oh, and to bring this post full-circle, the new arrangement of my room, widdershins (counter-clockwise) from the door is: Closet, Desk, Recycle Bin (below window), Dresser with TV on top, Entertainment Stack, Book Case, Bed (Figure 3).


FIGURE 3: The new arrangement of my room, as seen from the door on a narrow-angle lens.


Today is the fortieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes five weeks and five days.


3 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 40] Found!

  1. Fascinating, Noah. It looks much better – and far larger! – as if you had actually moved into another space altogether. Very Feng Shui!


  2. I never really thought about it in that way, but indeed I feel that it fits a little bit better together. I don’t know whether there’s actually less floor space than before (I moved things away from the walls because the apartment has had bed bug problems in the past.)

    I do want to write a guest post for you–how should I send the original manuscript?


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