[M.M.X.I.V. 42] Aural presentations

Instagram.  Facebook photos.  Television.

The former two of these are visual only, with just the photo to describe the event, person, or meme associated with it.  The latter is audi0-visual, with not only moving frames, but often a soundtrack, whether that includes dialogue, background music, sound effects, or combinations thereof (and then some!)

It is easy to assume that the stimulation of visual (in the sense of pictures, rather than words) leaves little to the imagination.  Words seem to leave capacity to imagine, whether those words be spoken or written.

Before television was common, radio serials were the predecessor to television series.  When I was in eighth grade, one of our projects in the social studies course (which was essentially an American history survey) was to do an oral interpretation of a Fibber McGee sketch, recorded on tape and then played back as if it were a radio show.  I played the role of Tini (the little girl who asked incessant “why” questions), and at that point, with my high voice, I think I passed for her pretty well!  I don’t remember the context of the episode that we did, but I do remember really enjoying it.

Reading the script and listening to what I said, as well as the other characters, helped me to imagine what was going on, and sometimes when I read or listen, my mind develops a movie (sometimes, that movie plays in my dreams!)  My previous experiences often color the scenery–I often try to “place” the scene somewhere that I have previously been.

The reason I brought up this post was, because again, I went to the WNUR studio, hoping to find Kristin in the studio for “Sunny-Side Up.”  She was not there when I arrived, but since I heard her a few minutes prior, together with Lindsay, I knew there would be a chance for me to finally see both simultaneously.  And indeed, when she came back, she saw me and screamed a very happy scream when she saw me through the studio window!

So, because they invited me onto the air again.  THIS time I called Mom to alert her that I would be on the air!  On the first segment, I got to request “The Zodiac” by Down to the Bone, and that induced a little bit of a dance party!  Then, later, they suggested that I dedicate a song to Mom–and I did– “You Make Me Smile” by Dave Koz.

This post was inspired by a conversation during the music about the magic of radio as a medium… how it has stood the test of time, and reaches a wide audience.  One reason I like listening to the radio: despite commercials being annoying, the pure joy of hearing a song that you like ON THE RADIO is probably one of my favorite feelings!


Today is the forty-second day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes six weeks.


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