[M.M.X.I.V. 50] L

Interesting.  Not just a one-word title, but a one-letter title.  What could it mean?

Is is the fact that “L” is the 12th letter of the alphabet?  It’s true, but that’s not this post’s point.

Is it the dreaded column in sports standings?  Yes, but not why I wrote this post.

It could be the train system in Chicago… but I’m not writing about it.

It’s a street in Lincoln that also was a Mondegreen on “Man on the Moon” for me.  But again, that’s another topic for another day.

Instead, I could have titled this post “[M.M.X.I.V. L]” (with no subtitle) and it would exemplify the point of the post.

Indeed, “L” is the Roman numeral with a value of 50.  A quick story about something involving L as a Roman numeral that I had an idea that did not happen.  My high school, Southeast High School, had their mascot as the Knights.  The newspaper was called the Clarion and the yearbook was the Shield.  I was on the yearbook committee/class in my senior year (2004-2005), and when we were considering the cover, I decided to throw a visual pun into the hat: have the title include “SHIELD” (notice the emphasis or drop-cap intended on the L).  My graduating class was the 50th graduating class and I thought that the visual pun would be interesting to use.  It obviously didn’t turn out that way–instead it was a golden circle with the school’s logo on a black cover (which was very neat too).

How interesting that today is “L” day, however.  February 19 also corresponds to my brother’s birthday, and his name is Levi.  Therefore, it’s almost no coincidence that his first letter is “L.” (Though, it would be even more fitting if he were born on the 25th of February: L(e)VI = 56.)

Now, this is a little bit of a crazy numerological argument, but as you know, crazy associations with numbers are something that I frequently and freely conjure.  Interestingly, this is the first time that I have considered this, since I’ve been counting up the days of the year this year in my post titles.  This is even though many calendars have the countdown/up (e.g. it will say on February 19, 50/315 to mean this is the 50th day of the year and there are 315 remaining).

Regardless, the main point of the post was to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEVI!


Today is the fiftieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes seven weeks and one day.


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