[M.M.X.I.V. 61] See you Monday!

When I was in high school, oftentimes on Fridays I would tell my teachers upon leaving the class, “See you on Monday.”  However, sometimes I would later see them in the hallway on that same Friday… and whenever that happened, I had to quip, “Is it Monday already?”

After several iterations of that, I realized that my obsession with specificity and that quip got a little old.  So, I started saying, “See you Monday, or sooner!”  Similarly, this occurred whenever I said “see you tomorrow” on other weekdays.

In some sense, this has taken on another light now that I am at Northwestern.  In particular, on Friday evenings when I go to services, on some weeks I will also attend services on Saturday morning.  But, because both of those correspond to the 7th day of the Jewish week (שבת), the “see you tomorrow” is then followed by, “Or, later today per se!”  The fun property of differing calendars–I have brought that up several times now!

I realize that this whole post is a pedantic point, but those subtle points are always the most interesting to resolve (or to attempt to resolve)!


Today is the sixty-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes eight weeks and five days.


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