[M.M.X.I.V. 65] Dance while you work

And yes, maybe I’ll also do some whistling, thank you very much!

In late October 2013, I decided to try converting my workspace in Tech into a standing desk.  I wrote a post about this when I decided to start it.

After about four months of doing the standing desk experiment, I am going to continue with it.  There are some days where I have to lean on a chair for a little bit, or sit down (particularly when writing as opposed to typing).  However, I don’t mind standing much of the day, as it is quite healthy as I previously mentioned.

Yesterday, however, another big advantage to the standing desk came about.  Oftentimes when I work, I like listening to music, particularly when it is something other than reading.  Today’s mix, using last.fm, had everything from acid-jazz to New Age to techno/electronica, and more.  A lot of them, despite me not knowing them, were very much danceable songs (seemingly a characteristic of those genres).  So I moved my body (i.e. danced in place) while working today… it became a lot of fun while also working on periodic boundary conditions that are WORKING… FINALLY!

Although it’s not quite a gym workout, maybe there’s some kind of positive chemicals that I get when I am dancing at the desk while working… or something that changes my state of mind!  Exercise is helpful for thinking.  Who knows, maybe there’s something to my crazy choreography at basketball games!

Speaking of different ways to change the state of mind, that is another future topic that I will consider on my blog!


Today is the sixty-fifth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes nine weeks and two days.


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