[M.M.X.I.V. 66] Thursday thrashings

It has not been good for me to be a sports fan on Thursday this year, at least considering what I have seen out of Northwestern.  Here are my Thursday games that I have seen:

THURS, January 2: #18 Nebraska 66, Northwestern 65 (women’s basketball)  (At least this was exciting the whole way!)

THURS, January 9: Northwestern 71, #20 Boilermakers 68 (women’s basketball) Oh, wait.  A win?!

THURS, January 23: Shots with Gordon Bombay 2, Rampage 0 (intramural floor hockey).  The apex of the hockey season came when I netted the insurance goal with less than a minute to play.

THURS, January 30: THUNDA 8, Shots With Gordon Bombay 0 (intramural floor hockey).  Here comes the series of debacles.

THURS, February 6: Geri-Hat-Tricks 12, Sh_ts With G_r-_n B_mbay 0 (intramural floor hockey–notice how we had no O or D that game).

THURS, February 6: Michigan 70, Northwestern 68 (women’s basketball)

THURS, February 13: A welcome respite after the last two weeks of debacles.

THURS, February 20: Delt 4, Shots With Gordon Bombay 0.  Not only did we lose, but we also lost one of our players for the season for a major penalty.

THURS, February 27: Psi Phi 7, Shots With Gordon Bombay 1.  One-and-done in the playoffs.

THURS, February 27: Michigan State 75, Northwestern 44 (women’s basketball).  A blowout loss on the last home game of the season.

THURS, March 6: Ohio State 86, Northwestern 77 (women’s basketball).  A close game unravels near the end, as the ‘Cats go one-and-done in the Big Ten tournament.

THURS, March 6: Penn State 59, N-rthwestern 32 (men’s basketball).  The lowest point output by a Big Ten team this season, and a rotten way to send out the seniors.

Yeah, so an 8-game Thursday losing streak for my Northwestern teams combined, and a combined Thursday record of 2-8 since the calendar turned.  At least Northwestern lacrosse has no Thursday games scheduled :p


Today is the sixty-sixth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes nine weeks and three days.


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