[M.M.X.I.V. 71] A perpetual deficit

Nope, I am not always trailing in the sports score.  I am not talking about the national debt of the United States either.

Instead, I’m talking about the deficit on my journaling and journal transfer.  As I have alluded and stated explicitly on my blog before, I write in my journal on not-quite-a-daily basis (there are days where I may be too busy to do it, or simply not build in the time to write for about 15 minutes.  Actually, I should try to build in a designated journaling time.)  Clearly, once I write down something about the current moment that I am on, my journaling then falls into a deficit (i.e. not being current).

Clearly, though, the journal is not my minute-to-minute play-by-play of my day.  Depending on the situation, a deficit of 24 to 72 hours is common when I write in it.  This is especially true on Sundays, when I may not have written anything since Thursday or Friday due to services, activities, and whatnot.  Of course, that is something advantageous about a long “L” ride to League–I will catch up on the deficit and be engrossed in a non-electronic device!

The other “perpetual deficit” relating to writing that I hold is a perpetual deficit on journal transcription.  I like to transcribe my journals to the computer after writing them, so that I have a searchable record of my writings, as well as a way to remember what I had done in the relatively recent past.

This idea started when I started at UNL, and wrote a journal of my first two weeks.  Because I wanted some of my family members to read it, I also transcribed it to the computer so that they could have a copy that was readable, because my handwriting can be difficult to read :).

Once I started journaling daily the next semester, I occasionally transferred journals on the weekends, but did not make much progress with it.  During the summer, however, each year I managed to eliminate the deficit at some point.  Throughout each year, the deficit was somewhere between 0 and 330 days, but always cut to 0 by some point in the summer.  Then, the deficit would crawl up again as I started having coursework and other responsibilities.

The last time that my transfer deficit was 0 days was on September 6, 2009, en route to moving to Chicago.  It ballooned during my first year of grad school, until I started paring it down during the summer.  But, it never got completely deleted, since the summer was busy trying to learn new concepts and such for my research.  At worst, I think that my deficit grew to 340 days or so.

Since then, it seems that I have chipped at the deficit in order to usually trail somewhere between 150 and 270 days.  Currently, my deficit is at 240 days, but when I transcribe my journals, I can usually cut the deficit by 7-10 days per hour of transcription, when the days are only in bullet points.  If full paragraphs, it may be an hour per day.

What ongoing projects do you, my readers, hold in constant deficit?


Today is the seventy-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes ten weeks and one day.


2 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 71] A perpetual deficit

  1. Golly, Noah, I have so many projects in deficit that I feel anxious and guilty admitting to them – but, here goes: dieting, exercise, being more assertive, going to see my mother in her home for people with dementia…


    • Indeed, there are so many perpetual projects that will never be done. It is a part of life, and self-improvement is certainly one that is never completed. Otherwise, what would we have to live for?


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