[M.M.X.I.V. 73] 3.14

Yesterday, I used the cliffhanger that today’s post would be posted at 1:59 PM.  Well, I could have posted it at 01:59, but I did not have the appropriate photos ready for then.

Today is a “Constant Celebration!”  In the sense of the following three pictures:

Vegan pie

The vegan form of the French silk pie (was unable to find coconut milk to make the “whipped cream.” The chocolate is arranged into a circle around the math equation e^(i x) = -1.

tau over 2

Pi equals tau over 2. The border of chocolate shavings subtends an angle of pi radians (approximately).

arctan integral

The integral of 2/(1+x^2) with respect to x between -1 and 1.

All of these French silk pies are homemade!  I have mentioned before that I love baking 🙂

Of course, this date (March 14) only works well as Pi Day in the United States and other countries where dates are given as Month-Day-Year… since in many countries, it goes Day-Month-Year.  (However, 22 July could also be a Pi Day, as the first three sig figs of 22/7 are 3.14.)


Today is the seventy-third day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes ten weeks and three days.


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